15 Common Mistakes in Warfare, Part I

Hello All! It’s been forever and my profuse apologies for that. I’m in a very interesting season, and I’ve been doing some teaching in Facebook Live formats, but I don’t want to completely neglect my blog. Hence this post. This was something that just dropped in my spirit, so I wanted to share it with you all in hopes that it will bless you. In this post, we’re examining common mistakes in warfare.

The Law of Territorial Spirits

Recently, I was watching a teaching by John Paul Jackson. In it, he was breaking down how psychic healings actually operate. Here is the summation: Let’s say you have a problem with your foot. You go to the psychic healer (or witch doctor, or shaman, or New Age pastor, etc.) and they do their thing and the problem leaves your foot. You walk away thinking you’re healed when in actuality, you’ve traded a problem in your foot for a problem in your heart or your kidney or your spleen. You get the idea.

How to Identify & Protect Yourself from Scammers Impersonating Ministers on Facebook

As a Christian who follows several well-known ministers through social media, it irks me to no end that some creepy individuals are trying to scam money from innocent people! I’ve seen countless of these profiles and reported them all. Many of these ministers have had to take to the social media, emails, TV, etc. to warn their followers against these thieves. They should not have to waste breath on this, but they love the people and don’t want anyone [else] to be taken in.

Dealing with Demonic Gatekeeping Spirits

In December 2015, the Lord gave me a dream. A saga really. All of it prophetic, but as we know is often the case with the Lord, He reveals in part, in pieces. And while I am still waiting for the Lord to reveal other aspects of the dream, there was one scene - the second to the last - that was strikingly clear.

FAIRYTALES: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Continuing with our #FAIRYTALES blog series (which thus far could be referred to as a Disney Princess series lol), our next story is Moana. Moana is the newest Disney Princess on the scene and not only is she cute as a button, brilliant, and strong-willed in the best possible way, but I’m extremely partial to her because as far as the skin colour and hair are concerned, she looks like me (even though I’m not in the least bit Polynesian)! *smile*

Word of the Lord for 2018: Bill Hamon

FOR THOSE CO-LABORING WITH Christ Jesus, it is going to be a glorious and prosperous year. It will be like the original Day of Pentecost, “Suddenly they were endued with power” by the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 60:3 is activating a commission to the Church as we enter the “Dispensation of the fullness of the times.” (Eph. 1:10 cf. Rev. 10:7) Now, delay shall be no longer, but all the mysteries and prophecies that the prophets have spoken will be revealed and fulfilled.

Word of the Lord for 2018: Cindy Jacobs

I hope you all had a wonderful, happy new year. This is the season where we like to share with you what God has been saying for 2018, and I'm very excited about this year.What I have with me is a compilation of some words that came from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders and the Global Prophetic Consultation in November 2017, which people say was one of the most historic events they have ever been to in their lives. It's so good, and we know that God has given us a great harvest. We had prophets from around the world sharing together prophetically what they're hearing for the upcoming season. There's a theme that developed for 2018, and this common theme is that it's gonna be a good year.

Those Who Trespass Against Us: Discussing with Healthy Boundaries in Life

At the time of my writing this, I'd just let my dog outside. The back door is actually two doors: The actual door with a curtain over the glass, and the thinner, outer glass door. On this particular night, I didn't check outside before I opened the inner door. I thought for a moment what I would do if there were a strange man staring at me from the other side of the glass? And then, I thought, “What would I do if [insert the name of a particularly fine man] were standing there?” (Random, I know.) Then it hit me: How many times have we let people into our lives because they were in some way attractive to us - even though they have obviously violated the boundaries we've set in place?

SAMHAIN: The Time Between the Times

Autumn is my most favourite time of year. The temperatures drop, the leaves turn brilliant colours, candy apples start appearing, everything turns to pumpkin spice, and eventually, my birthday! (Can’t forget Thanksgiving either!) It’s a season of definite transition. However, as much as I love this season, it is also the time for Halloween, known to the Ancient Celts as Samhain (pronounced sah-win or sow-in).

Jonathan Ferguson: Taming Wild Prophetic Voices {WATCH}

This post really requires no lengthy introduction if you've been following my blog this year (2017) or later. Jonathan Ferguson is an apostolic-prophetic hybrid who, like our spirotual father Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, is mandated to demonstrate and teach the supernatural power of God. He is a glory-bearer and his #Bootcamp gatherings are the evidence of that as well as the evidence of one of the prophetic words Apostle Jonathan Eckhardt gave earlier this year. You may have read his Bootcamp Prayer book or listened to the prayer album.  He also has some great nuggets on prayer here derived from the same (recently updated) book. But enough of the accolades. Just listen to this power-packed teaching on "Taming Wild Prophetic Voices," and watch order get restored to the prophetic ministry! Enjoy!

Call Me “Michal”

As I’m reading through the Old Testament, I came across a familiar story, the story of Michal. Now you might say, “Who’s Michal? Don’t you mean “Michael, the archangel?” No, I mean Michal, the younger daughter of King Saul. Michal is presented as more of a secondary character in the lives of Saul and David. However, when I read her story recently, I was struck at how so many of us women are also Michal.

The Watchman

When you think of a “watchman,” what do you think of? Do you think of an elderly security guard who doesn’t actually secure much? What comes to mind? This is certainly where my inclination toward folk, fantasy, and fairytales comes in handy. *smile* I think of a lone man in a tower looking across the expanse. I think of a soldier keeping his late night or early morning watch. I think of an archer (an Old World sniper) keeping his post near a slitted window so he could put an arrow in anybody that didn’t declare themself and receive entrance. Watchmen play a strategic role in the Old World and specifically in the Bible. But they are not an antiquated concept. We are very much so in need of watchmen today: namely in the realm of the spirit.