Professional Biography

PHOTO CREDITS: Photography - Kyle Ruhe; MUA - Josie Otero; Location -Jacksonville Public Library

Desiree M. Mondesir is an inspired author, blogpreneur, and columnist infected and affected by great passion as well as the desire to see people inspired, toxic mindsets challenged, and lives transformed. She’s had her nose in books since before she could remember and a pen in hand since she was a seven or eight year old composing her first faerie tales.

Since then, Desiree has spent her years pursuing that same passion through her selection of studies in grade school and as well as undergraduate studies. She was always inclined toward Honors and Advanced Placement (“AP”) classes in her high school English and History genres and narrowed her pursuits to that of English Literature with an emphasis in British Literature once in college.


After attending Oral Roberts University, Desiree began her freelance career and launched her own virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance, in 2010. She has been running her business ever since and has since branched out with a consulting branch entitled iSubCreate for literary, book, business, and ministry consultations.

Over the years Desiree has gained an increasingly extensive background in writing. She served as the Managing Editor of from 2012 to 2015 where she penned the columns Godly Government, so named after her eBook, Godly Government and Other Works, as well as The Hostess List column based on her lifestyle blog at She is also the author of Kingdom Mandates, Faith and the Imagination, and How to Write Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. Her work has also been featured in Shulamite Women Community Magazine, Extant Magazine, Glory That/Chicago Prophetic Voice, DENIM Fashion Magazine, Boudoir Fashion Magazine, and numerous guest blog pieces. She now has her own digital publication entitled REFORMATION TODAY launched in June 2017. 

PHOTO CREDITS: Photography - Kyle Ruhe; MUA - Josie Otero; Location -Jacksonville Public Library

PHOTO CREDITS: Photography - Kyle Ruhe; MUA - Josie Otero; Location -Jacksonville Public Library

Like her spiritual parents, Desiree has a ministry forte in the areas of spiritual warfare and related matters, especially as it regards biblically understanding and confronting the Spirit of Jezebel, her witchcrafts, and her seductive doctrines of devils in the Church and life in general. Her message is not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who understand that 1) we are in a war and 2) we are on the winning side. 


Many, on an increasingly national and even worldwide scale are being touched by the message and mission God has given her.

Desiree was recently granted a post as instructor at Kairos Ministerial Institute. The institute is a branch of Awakening Faith Church pastored by David & Rocky Crossley and newly inducted into the Jabula International Network under presiding Bishop Hugh D. Smith Jr. and founded Bishop Tudor and Pastor ChiChi Bismark. Desiree is also a member of Biblegateway's Blogger Grid. She is 31 and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.