I appreciate every one of you who stop by, read, comment on, and share myblogposts. You’re “the real MVP”! *smile* However, if we do not put the revelation we receive into practice, we lose it. We become like fat cats, feasting on delicacies, but doing nothing to actually work off (share, demonstrate) what we’ve gained.

And it all starts with prayer.

So without further ado, if you need prayer to become a Christian, be filled with the Holy Spirit (“Holy Ghost” if you’re old school like me *wink, wink*), or to be delivered from anything great or small, pray one, two, or all three of these prayers in faith and watch God move!  

And feel free to contact me and tell me how God has moved in your life! I want to hear YOUR testimony!

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony... (Revelation 12:11)

For my Statement of Faith, see here.

Prayer of Salvation

Father, in the Name of Jesus,

            I believe that You exist and that You are a rewarder of those who diligently seek You. I am a sinner in need of Your grace. I have lived my life according to my will and not Yours; I have grieved You, and for that I am sorry.

            Please come into my life; be my Lord and Saviour. Wash me in Your blood and make me new. I vow to serve You all my days and when my time on this earth is complete, I know I will spend eternity with You.

In Jesus’ Name I Pray,


Prayer to Receive the Holy Spirit

Father, in the Name of Jesus,

            I praise You for Your magnificent holiness! Awesome are Your works, Father!

            In Your Word, You gave me a promise that You would send Your Spirit, the Helper and Teacher of All Truth, to Your children. You promised that You would not leave us alone and that You would fill us with Power to live right, testify of Your works, and demonstrate the power of Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!

            Father, I believe that Your Word is true and that if I ask, You will withhold no good thing from me. You delight in giving Your children all the holy desires of their hearts!

            So now, Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to fill me with Your precious Holy Spirit and make me Your witness in the earth! I thank You for loosing my tongue to speak in my very own Heavenly language, to speak with you in a way the enemy cannot understand, to pray Your mysteries, to intercede, and to build up my spirit-man. I receive it NOW, in the name of Jesus!

Thank You, Father!


(OPEN YOUR MOUTH, SPEAK ALOUD, and begin to praise God already for the precious evidence of the indwelling of His Spirit. And remember, God will not do for you what you must do for yourself. Open your mouth and speak! He will grant you your prayer!)

Prayer of Deliverance

Father, in the Name of Jesus,

            I thank You that Your Word says deliverance is the children’s bread. I am Your child, Father, purchased by Your Son, and washed in His blood. I thank You that before my parents ever thought of me, You sent Your Son to die on the cross, not just for my sins, but for my freedom. I declare that this is the acceptable, favourable day of the Lord for my freedom and that TODAY, I am made free!

            I repent for every sin of [ ________ ]. I repent for not choosing to cast down thoughts of [ ________ ] and for bringing them subject to the Word of God. I ask that You forgive me of all my sins. I thank You, Father, that now, I have NOTHING in common with Satan and that my sins and my life are covered by the Blood of Jesus. I ask, Father, that You place Your angels on assignment to respond to the voice of Your Word and assist me in appropriating my freedom in Your Word.

            Now, in the name of Jesus, I renounce every single covenant I have made with Satan and his kingdom! I renounce EVERY spirit of [fill in the blank, be specific as possible; if you don’t know their names, label them by how they operate in your life]! I declare that EVERY generational curse over my life [and the lives of my children]--those I know of and those I don’t--is broken, NOW, in the name of Jesus! I declare that EVERY curse, every hex, every spell, every murderous word, and every negative word spoken over my life by human and demonic spirits alike is broken, NOW, in the name of Jesus! I declare that EVERY demonic ritual performed against my life is frustrated and unsuccessful, NOW, in the name of Jesus! I declare confusion in the camp of the enemy!

            I bind Satan on EVERY hand! I bind EVERY demonic spirit operating in my life and the life of my family, NOW! I decree and declare that EVERY single demonic plan against my life is frustrated and destroyed, in the name of Jesus! I declare that EVERY wile, arrow, and dart of the devil against my life misses its mark, in the name of Jesus! I declare that the Strongman of the Holy Spirit binds the devil, NOW! Satan, the LORD rebuke you!!!

            I loose liberty, freedom, and deliverance in my life NOW, in the name of Jesus! I declare that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AND THAT EVERY TONGUE THAT RISES AGAINST ME IN JUDGMENT, CONDEMNATION, CURSING, AND WITCHCRAFT, YOU SHALL CONDEMN! AND THIS IS THE HERITAGE OF THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD!! I bind EVERY satanic reprisal, in the name of Jesus! I declare that there will be NO demonic whiplash against me, my loved ones, my home, my car, my job, my money, and my life, in the name of Jesus!

            I bind fear and all of its forms--worry, anxiety, panic, and depression--in the name of Jesus! For You have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love of and of sound mind! I declare that I have a sound mind, in the name of Jesus! I declare that the perfect love of God casts out ALL fear and torment, in the name of Jesus! I declare the You keep my mind in perfect peace because it is stayed on You! I declare that I have the mind of Christ and that I, all my loved ones, and all I have are covered by the Blood of Jesus! I declare that Your angels surround me wherever I go! I declare that they keep me in all of my ways, according to Your Word.

            I declare that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS liberty! I declare that I overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony! I AM free! I AM healed! I AM delivered! I AM set free, in the name of Jesus! Greater is He Who is in ME, than he who is in the world! I declare that He who the Son sets free is free indeed! IF God is for me, NO ONE can be against me! I declare that I AM the blessed of the Lord!

            Father, I thank You for my liberty and I declare that I walk in it today, in the name of Jesus!