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Interview Topics

Biblical Dream Interpretation:

              -Biblical Symbolism & Parables

              -Visions, Visitations, Twilight Time, Trances, Transportations & Translations

               -Animals, Reptiles & Insects in Dreams

               -Colours, People/Names, Automobiles & Other Objects in Dreams

               -Fear Dreams/Nightmares vs. Warning Dreams vs. Judgement Dreams

               -Dreams & Visions: The Promise of God's End Time Outpouring & Using Dreams for Evangelism

               -Trying the Spirits to See If They Be of God in Dreams

               -And more!

Jezebel & Witchcraft:

-How I Fell Prey to Jezebel: The Spirit of Jezebel, what it is, how it operates, how to detect it, and how to eradicate it (see corresponding eBook)

-Deborah, The Ultimate Jezebel Preventative: Raising up Deborahs in place of Jezebels, putting Elijah and Jehu out of a job (see corresponding eBook)

-Going Toe-to-Toe with Jezebel: My story of deliverance from witchcraft


-New Age


-Jezebel & the Queen of Heaven

Doctrines & Deceptions:

-Baal & the Queen of Heaven Worship: The king and queen of Hell (under the emperor, Satan) from Babel to present-day with possible special emphasis on:

    -Relationship with Jezebel

    -Abortion and child sacrifice

    -The Triple/Mother Goddess from Druidry to Catholicism

    -The Queen of Heaven and the UFO phenomenon

-Testing the Spirits with special possible emphasis on:

-Angels of Light

-False gospels, doctrines & teachings

-False prophecy, judging prophetic words

-The Days of Noah and Lot: Going after strange flesh and reproducing strange flesh


-Faith and the Imagination: Bridging our imaginations to the godly supernatural arenas of faith, anointing, and the glory (see corresponding books)

-God in Narnia: Discovering the Godhead and the Gospel in Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia

-God in Middle-Earth: Discovering the Godhead and the Gospel in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and related works

-Fairytales: Discerning the godly and harmless fairytales and fantasy from the ungodly

*You may also inquire about specific topics I blog/write about.


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