Desiree M. Mondesir

Challenging spiritually toxic mindsets and providing biblical tools for effective spiritual warfare.

Embracing the truth of the Word, providing tools for effective spiritual warfare, challenging spiritually toxic mindsets.


Interview Topics

Biblical Dream Interpretation:

              -Biblical Symbolism & Parables

              -Visions, Visitations, Twilight Time, Trances, Transportations & Translations

               -Animals, Reptiles & Insects in Dreams

               -Colours, People/Names, Automobiles & Other Objects in Dreams

               -Fear Dreams/Nightmares vs. Warning Dreams vs. Judgement Dreams

               -Dreams & Visions: The Promise of God's End Time Outpouring & Using Dreams for Evangelism

               -Trying the Spirits to See If They Be of God in Dreams

               -And more!

Jezebel & Witchcraft:

-How I Fell Prey to Jezebel: The Spirit of Jezebel, what it is, how it operates, how to detect it, and how to eradicate it (see corresponding eBook)

-Deborah, The Ultimate Jezebel Preventative: Raising up Deborahs in place of Jezebels, putting Elijah and Jehu out of a job (see corresponding eBook)

-Going Toe-to-Toe with Jezebel: My story of deliverance from witchcraft


-New Age


-Jezebel & the Queen of Heaven

Doctrines & Deceptions:

-Baal & the Queen of Heaven Worship: The king and queen of Hell (under the emperor, Satan) from Babel to present-day with possible special emphasis on:

    -Relationship with Jezebel

    -Abortion and child sacrifice

    -The Triple/Mother Goddess from Druidry to Catholicism

    -The Queen of Heaven and the UFO phenomenon

-Testing the Spirits with special possible emphasis on:

-Angels of Light

-False gospels, doctrines & teachings

-False prophecy, judging prophetic words

-The Days of Noah and Lot: Going after strange flesh and reproducing strange flesh


-Faith and the Imagination: Bridging our imaginations to the godly supernatural arenas of faith, anointing, and the glory (see corresponding books)

-God in Narnia: Discovering the Godhead and the Gospel in Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia

-God in Middle-Earth: Discovering the Godhead and the Gospel in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and related works

-Fairytales: Discerning the godly and harmless fairytales and fantasy from the ungodly

*You may also inquire about specific topics I blog/write about.


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