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#Top10 Blogposts of 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can’t possibly do what I do without YOU reading, supporting, liking, sharing, and commenting on everything I do. So thank you SO much for that. As most of you know, I’ve been keeping track of the past year’s weekly #Top10 posts from my website, so here is the culmination of that ranking for 2015; these are the posts YOU have made the most popular!

  1. Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: Bishop Tudor Bismark (Ministry)
  2. Rebellion: The Original Baal Worship
  3. 2015: The Year of the Lord's Release, The Year of Freedom
  4. John Paul Jackson Dies of Cancer: Another General Goes Home to Heaven
  5. Can You Really Sell Your Soul and Is There a Way Out?
  6. Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: Prophetess Juanita Bynum (Ministry)
  7. Spiders, Webs & Witchcraft/13 Shocking Similarities between Islam and Mormonism/Controversial Rapture Teachings by Perry Stone [WATCH]
  8. Joel Osteen Clarifies His Stance on Homosexuality...Yet Still Leaves Room for Concern
  9. Exploring Jezebel's Family Tree: Jezebel and Absalom
  10. Open Letter to the Producers of Preachers of L.A.

Special Mentions

I also wanted to include a “Special Mentions” section because I can’t track my annual traffic on my website, but I KNOW these posts broke the internet so to speak when they were written. They may very well technically rank in the annual #Top10 blogposts, but I can’t be entirely sure. So here they are.

  1. HEARTBROKEN...Remembering Dr. Myles Munroe, Kingdom Evangelist Extraordinaire
  2. John MacArthur and the Young Prophet: Sharpening the Sword
  3. 'Your Doctrine of Cessation Is in Error!': What Is Cessationism and Is It Scriptural?
  4. The Attack Against the Prophets: John Paul Jackson & Kim Clement 
  5. Steve Harvey's #MissUniverse Gaff & a Prophetic Demonstration

Thanks again SO much for your support. There are many great things to come in 2016. Some of you know I recently put out a request for prayer on Facebook and the lovely Rev. Samuel Rodriguez shared a wonderful word of encouragement with me saying,

“You are anointed, chosen, favored, and destined to bring down the Asherah poles. Hold on, press on, move on.”

This is precisely what I will continue to do in 2016 and as long as I have breath in my earthly body. Through this blog; my forthcoming radio show segment, Deborah’s Corner; The Round Table show; my books; and other means; we will continue in this spirit of apostolic and prophetic government and reformation to:

Embrac[e] the truth of the Word, provid[e] tools for effective spiritual warfare, [and] challeng[e] spiritually toxic mindsets.

2016 is gonna be bold and bright..! (See Isaiah 60.)

God Bless, Happy New Year & Thanks a MILL!!!

Desiree, xx