Desired Assistance is a virtual writing and editing company founded in Fall of 2010. The focus of “DA” is to bring experience, excellence, as well as expediency to each of your literary projects.




  • Articles & Blog Posts

  • Letters & eBlasts

  • Bios

  • Press Releases

  • Website Copy

  • Transcription

  • Ghostwriting (does not currently include books)

  • Need more? Just ask!

All of these include edits, rewrites, and brand new content.


Ministers with growing platforms and medium to mega-sized ministries as well as thriving marketplace brands can especially benefit from this option. All retainers are monthly, and an excellent option for individuals/companies/ministries seeking ongoing work in a way that is most cost effective for them.


If you need someone to edit, proof, or update your previously edited manuscript; if you need someone to prepare your manuscript for submission, then I'm your gal! This is my most popular service. Editing rates are based upon the level of editing required. Rates are as follows:

  • $7.00/page (proofing/light editing)

  • $8.50/page (medium or solid editing)

  • $10.00/page (heavy/developmental editing or rewriting)

Page Count: All page counts are determined by content in double-spaced, size 12 font format.


If you need someone to transcribe your audio or video content, I’m happy to provide that service also. Transcribing services automatically include editing services. Rates are as follows:

  • Up to 20 minutes: $75.00

  • 21-40 minutes: $135.00

  • 41-60 minutes: $191.00

  • 61-90 minutes: $240.00

  • 91-120 minutes: $281.00

  • Any longer, please inquire.


If you are in need of assistance in the area of bible research, look no further! My specialties are as follows:

  • Prophecy and Symbolism (General Prophecy)

    • Mantles, mandates, spirits, anointings

    • Prophetic illustrations and demonstrations

  • Prayer and Intercession

  • The Relationship between the Old and New Testament

  • Angels (General, Fallen, Nephilim)

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • The Spirit Realm, Ties between Biblical Understanding and (Twisted) Similarities in Ancient Myths, Beliefs, and Cults

  • The Divine Judgement Interpretation of Creation

If you don't see your particular area of interest on my list of specialties, just inquire!


1) To formally inquire about our services, please fill out the form below. This is a standard practice for all potential and current clients. It allows me to know if you are serious about the project you have mind as well as provides clarity on your specific project needs.

2) If we're interested in your project, you'll hear back from us within 48 hours. 

3) We'll then need you to submit the first 50 pages + of your project (if a manuscript), or the full project (if smaller) if it is meant to be edited. (You may skip this step if you are inquiring about a different type of project.)

4) After this, you'll receive a quote shortly after.

Can't wait to hear from you, inquire today!

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