Steve Harvey’s #MissUniverse Gaff & a Prophetic Demonstration

Steve Harvey’s #MissUniverse Gaff & a Prophetic Demonstration

So by now you’ve probably heard of or seen comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey’s horrible gaff in last night’s Miss Universe pageant. I never watch pageants myself (bet you didn’t expect that!), but I was dying to know what happened when Facebook literally EXPLODED with comments about “the worst mistake on live television.” And soon, my questions were answered when I saw this video clip…



And especially POOR MISS COLOMBIA!!!!

And thankfully, as you could see, both ladies were a COMPLETE class act. They reacted beautifully. Miss “Philippians” didn’t snatch her crown off Miss Colombia’s head, nor did Miss Colombia throw a tantrum or turn into Colombiana and go on a wrath-filled rampage, lol. In fact, she did quite the opposite in this beautiful commentary.

And yet in the midst of all this pageantry and gaffs--and y’all, PLEASE pray for “Uncle Steve” and give him a break! This can’t be easy on him AT ALL.--I truly believe I felt the Lord impress a message on my heart. So this is what I told my Facebook friends:

OMG...!!! Poor Steve, poor ladies, but ESPECIALLY poor Miss Colombia!!! Miss Philippines has class though. She didn't rub it in, or get over-enthusiastic. You could tell she got the scare of her life and felt horrible for her pageant-mate.

That said--and trust me to get deep with this, lol--but I can't help but believe that this is a prophetic demonstration that 2016 is going to be a year where the one nobody thinks will make it is going to get promoted and exalted in a way no one else--even they themself--expect and everything they've been praying, fasting, consecrating, working, and living for is *FINALLY* about to start TANGIBLY paying off and coming to them!

That’s right: I believe, as Apostle John Eckhardt recently prophesied on Facebook Mentions, “Prizes and Surprizes” our heading my way and to many of you as well! NOW is the time the wealth of the wicked that has been laid up for the just will be transferred (Prov. 13:22)! NOW is the time when your vial (bowl) of prayers, praise, worship, tears, and alms will come before the Lord as a sweet smelling savour and be tipped back over your life (Acts 10:1-8)! NOW is the time God will shut the mouths of the naysayers and condemn those who have raised their tongues against you since that is the heritage of the servants of the Lord (Isa. 54:17). Now is the time God will exalt the humble and lower the proud (Luke 1:46-55)!

But remember, these things are laid up for the RIGHTEOUS. I remember this Summer when I was at my spiritual father’s church, his best friend “Uncle” Apostle Renny McLean was teaching on the wealth transfer and I saw a pastor there (NOT connected to my spiritual father or Dr. McLean), whom I KNOW firsthand has stolen money from his own congregants and mistreated many people, who was shouting over the wealth transfer! Like he was gonna actually get something!!

Folks, I’m not some false prophet who’s gonna lie to your itching ears and tell you good things are coming to you if you are living outside of the will of God. They won’t. The devil IS a lie!! And his mother-in-law. These things are coming to the RIGHTEOUS. And if you are acting UNRIGHTEOUS (not in right standing with God and His Word), then you can expect the many judgments coming in 2016.

Remember, there are many sides to God. While the glory is being poured out on one, wrath is being poured out on another. While blessings are being poured out on one, judgment is being poured out on another. While favour is being poured out on one, disfavour is being poured out on another. While one is being exalted, another is being brought low.

Don’t think you can get over on God just because your stuff ain’t caught up with you yet. Repent now, while grace is still available. Repent now before you get caught up in the judgments to come. Repent now and enter into the blessings of God.

To those who are His, sinful though we ALL be, “For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life,” (Psalm 30:5).

Congratulations Miss Universe and all those of you who will enter into the favour of God in 2016!

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