2016: The Year of the Manifested Presence of God (The Jewish Year 5776)

2016: The Year of the Manifested Presence of God (The Jewish Year 5776)

The following is the Word of the Lord for 2016 from Prophetess Cynthia Thompson. Understand, enjoy, and God Bless!

Prophetess Cynthia Thompson

This Is a Season of Change and Transformation, Release and Recovery

Change is moving at a rampant pace all over the earth.

I heard the Lord say 2016 shall be known as "The end of the beginning." The outpouring of God's glory shall cause time to be overtaking by eternity. Time as we have known it shall be no more; our years shall be counted as months, and our months shall be counted as weeks, and our weeks as days. We shall see many promised things be made manifested in this hour, as eternity kisses time. 2014-2015 brought us to the ending of many things on God's time calendar of events by releasing us from captivity and announcing us into a place of recovery. We shall see the manifestation of the things prophetically spoken of appear.

16 in the Hebrew is Yod. It speaks of God's presence in all things; it is associated with the Tabernacle or tent of God and the hook that hung up the Outer Court curtain that went around and enclose the Tabernacle, meaning “secure,” “hook” and “fasten.”

The Year 2016 or 5776 Is the Year of the Lord

It speaks of protection. As we tabernacle in God's presence, He shall secure us and keep watch over us. It kissed our year before of 2015/5775 and herald in the harvest that begins now.

This year will set us at the double gates for the pouring out of the double blessings. “Look for things to be recovered to you in double,” I heard the Lord say, “and I shall bestow unto those righteous ones double honor, double favor, and double prosperity.”

8+8= 16 eight being the number of new beginnings, the grace of God has given us another new beginning because of His covenant love for us.

Double shall come to those who have covenant with God in the work of the Kingdom.

The pouring out of God's presence shall cause many people’s perspectives to change as hearts are being revealed and healed in His glory. The Spirit of the Lord is invading the hearts of His people and awaking them now for their End Time assignments.

The Lord is changing our perspectives and equipping us to lead this generation into promise and victory.

Our taste perspective shall change. Things we once desired we shall desire no more...our world perspective shall change. The Lord is expanding our prophetic borders and giving us a global scope that will cause us to see His world that will give us hope.

Our God perspective will change.

And we shall know His name as the "Lord of Hosts," strong and mighty as He moves over the land and takes back the spoils from the enemy and place them at the feet of His people.

God is changing our directions and interrupting plans and schedules, as he strategically position us and protect us during these days of war and judgments.

I heard God say, “Tell My people I'm warring on their behalf.” These are the days of holy wars and the tearing down of the kingdoms of this world that shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and our God.

I saw a mighty storm waging war in the mountains of the high places tearing down the kingdoms that men have built of power and prosperity unto themselves hoping to protect them from the famine and judgments to come. And the voice of the Lord spoke out of the storm and told me to change my direction and go the other way that this storm was not for me, and He would take the spoils from the wicked and place it at my feet to be used for His Kingdom assignments.

The Lord wants us to know that He is sending us what we need so we may be able to accomplish what He has called us to do, without guilt, shame, compromise, or pain attached to our labor of good works because it will burn in the judgement of His glory to come.

These Days Will Be Known as the Days of the Apostles

His Church will shift in the accelerated winds that is changing our world, I heard God say, "I will shoot forth My new Kingdom leaders of change who are willing to lead in this new dawn and move others out of the way who resist My change that has come, changes we shall see everywhere indeed, economic, social, cultural, political, religious, and technological changes are moving swiftly.” And God is downloading and setting into motion apostolic strategies for a future generation that will be built on relevancy. He has set in place the blueprints for the building of the apostleship’s strongholds in the earth.

The Spirit of the Lord said to me:

“Can't you hear winds of change blowing in your ear, don't you see the many things that will suddenly disappear? The things of yesterday's importance shall be like faded whispers in our ears.”

No longer shall His Church be hidden behind walls, for there is an intelligent elite radical army that is being governmentally positioned to overtake, overrule, and overturn the systems of this world that have come to oppose the systems of God. And we shall see over the next four years the knowledge of His glory covering the earth like the waves of the sea (Hab. 2:14).

A new wave of supernatural power shall be seen in the Church, the power of God shall be released through revelation and power gifts in the most unprecedented way. It will be more than physical manifestations and convictions of sin. It will be an awesome outpouring of God's presence in His people, through the demonstration of love causing many Jews and prodigal sons and daughters to come home to Messiah.

Expect the Harvest: Souls, Souls, Souls

We shall see the pouring out of plenty in the midst of the righteous to be stored up to keep us from the famine that's ahead to come while souls of the harvest are gathering in the House of the Lord. And the new allotment of wealth transference shall be placed at the feet of the apostles, those who have not settled for the gold or compromised for the riches of this world, but desired My glory and kept reaching for souls shall be used to distribute this wealth among the people and we shall have no lack among us as we go from house to house in the bonds of unity for our community having all things in common

For this is not just another season or time nor a new day. Tell them I said for this is the Lord's day, so don't be dismayed by the people you must let go of that cannot stay. I'm separating the goats from the sheep for there is a new wealth allotment for this dispensation you see. And no longer will I provide for the rebellious ones who refuse to submit and take heed. They too will know that I am the Lord of Hosts who keep my promises to my righteous ones, indeed.

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