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Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: Bishop Tudor Bismark (Ministry)

We're changing things up a bit with our Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles. Instead of featuring someone who came out of the Occult or similar situation, I'm featuring my ABSOLUTE.FAVOURITE.MINISTER in the ENTIRE world, Bishop Tudor Bismark, who, along with his wife Pastor "Mama" Chichi Bismark, have a most powerful deliverance ministry. 

Situated in the heart of Harare, Zimbabwe, Bishop Tudor has decades of deliverance experience and seen some stuff lemme tell you! From London to Capetown, from Michigan to Seoul, South Korea, this man's ministry spans a large portion of the earth and shows us that deliverance from demons isn't just necessary in the African bush, Caribbean Islands, or over-packed cities of India, it's needed everywhere. It's just that we've learned to medicate our issues in the West. But in the words of Nancy Alcorn,

You can't medicate a demon!

No you can't!! So sit down, enjoy, and LEARN from this most anointed "mand of Gawd"!!

Note: I changed the thumbnails for the videos because, while I appreciate the wonderful soul who uploaded the sermons to Youtube (NOT Bishop or his ministry), I do not appreciate staring at three glaring pentagrams on my website! So don't be afraid when you listen, just look past the appearance and hear the message. :) 

These sermons include:

  • Defining/Describing witchcraft
  • The Demonic Hierarchy
  • African witchcraft
  • Run-ins with the Chewa tribe
  • Spiritual marriages
  • Sexual perversion
  • Dealing with the Prince of the Power of the Air and his principalities
  • High places
  • Stories from Bishop Tudor & Family, Pastor David Yonggi Cho (South Korea), Apostle Yemi Adefarison (Benin), Pastor David Ireland (Harrisburg, PA), and more.

Demonic Possession, Part I

Demonic Possession, Part II

Satanic Reprisals

Deliverance from Evil, Part I

Deliverance from Evil, Part II

And just in case you needed a little encouragement, here you go..! *smile*