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Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: The Truth About Halloween [VIDEO]

Well, it's that time of year again: my most favourite season of the year, paired with the most hateful day of the year: HALLOWEEN. I was going to put this post off until later in the year, but based on some recent Facebook discussions, I figured it was best to start now--before you go out and buy your innocent children their costumes. I'll do a separate written post soon, but I think this series of videos and documentaries will help to prime you for the forthcoming post(s).

The first set of videos (4) is by Carol Kornacki, a former (solitary) witch. The videos are only ~ 3-5 minutes long each. She discusses the history of Halloween as it pertains to the Celtic Druid celebration Samhain (Baal-Queen of Heaven worship). Samhain/Halloween is counterpart of Beltane/May Day.

The video by Doreen Irvine, a former Bride of Satan--of all Europe!--is about 5 minutes and tells very briefly the dangers of Halloween and playing with "innocent" Ouija boards. Both Doreen and Carol would have personal experience and knowledge of how evil this holiday is and how parents unsuspectingly agree with the devil's day when they let their kids dress up simply because they think it's cute. THEY *may* be cute, but celebrating Halloween certainly is NOT.

The videos below (various lengths) are historical documentaries on the Holiday, tracing it from the ancient Celts to now.

If you don't know the truth about Halloween, then watch this! If you already know the truth about Halloween, then this will be a refresher course. And if you know someone who needs to know the truth about Halloween, then share this with them. And let us remember, "we are not [to be] ignorant of his devices" (11 Corinthians 2:11).

"The Truth about Halloween" Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Halloween & Ouija Boards

"History of Halloween"

"The Real Story of Halloween"

"Halloween History" Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V