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Those Who Trespass Against Us: Discussing with Healthy Boundaries in Life

At the time of my writing this, I'd just let my dog outside. The back door is actually two doors: The actual door with a curtain over the glass, and the thinner, outer glass door. On this particular night, I didn't check outside before I opened the inner door. I thought for a moment what I would do if there were a strange man staring at me from the other side of the glass? And then, I thought, “What would I do if [insert the name of a particularly fine man] were standing there?” (Random, I know.) Then it hit me: How many times have we let people into our lives because they were in some way attractive to us - even though they have obviously violated the boundaries we've set in place?

Exploring Jezebel’s Family Tree: Sister Religion

This family tree of Jezebel keeps getting worse and worse with every branch we uncover. First, there was Baal and Asherah whom we discussed in three parts (Part IPart II & Part III). (Asherah a.k.a. the Queen of Heaven even has a holiday in our modern times.) Then we discussed her three personalities: DelilahHerod, and Absalom. Then we started discussing her siblings Perversion and AntiChrist, twin brothers, and in this post, we’ll discuss her final sibling, Religion.


Salvation is a FREE GIFT: An Ex-Mormon Missionary's Testimony of Freedom

This is the testimony of former Mormon elder, Todd K. Olson. After years steeped in learning and propagating the Mormon (LDS) religion, he has since turned to Christ and has since been styling to become a Christian minister. In his own words: "Make no mistake about this. Mormonism is a cult." I have several dear Mormon friends. Friends that I met through choir in high school in California. They are some of the kindest, sweetest, dearest people I've ever met in my life. But they are deceived. Perhaps you think me unkind to state that. Undoubtedly, feelings are hurt when I say things like that. That is not my intention. But in the words of my spiritual father, "I'd rather you be offended, then you go to Hell!" I pray these will plant seeds that grow bountifully in the hearts of my Mormon friends and acquaintances and also that other Christians may learn the truth of this Christians counterfeit so they do not fall prey to it themselves and also so they can share the truth and love of God with another. 

Don't Become Who Hurt You

When someone hurts you, that person is responsible for what they did to you. HOWEVER, when you then use that consciously or subconsciously as a reason to hurt someone else, then you become just as guilty as the person who hurt you. They say hurt people hurt people. I'd like to change this statement: 

Hurt people who choose to not forgive and receive healing from God hurt people. 

Witches & Witch Church

You may be thinking a lot about witches right now. Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and all that jazz. I mean, Halloween is less than a week away.

Some of you may not believe in actual witches. (Even though they really do exist.)

Some of you may not believe in the power actual witches utilize. (Even though it’s very real.)

Some of you may believe that the power actual witches utilize can’t affect you because you’re a child of God. (In which case, you are more than likely very arrogantly, ignorantly wrong.)

And some of you may actually know the truth of these matters.