[WATCH] Alexander Pagani: Deliverance from Manipulation Tactics

[WATCH] Alexander Pagani: Deliverance from Manipulation Tactics

I recently came across a video by Apostle Alexander Pagani entitled “Manipulation Techniques!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!”. It was so powerful that I knew I had to share it with you all. I hope you will appreciate and apply this video if necessary.

Common Manipulation Tactic: Problem, Reaction, Solution. 

  1. Infect.

  2. Identify.

  3. Deliver.

Manipulative coverings will impart curses to you, then call it out and “remove” it. 

They will often strategically select the same people over and over. This tactic elevates the leader above the people causing them to look powerful to the undiscerning eye.

4 R’s of Reversing the Manipulation


Repent for joining that covering. If you had to run from them, God didn’t send you to them. Abuse and manipulation are NEVER of God.


Renounce all of the “good” you received from that covering: ordinations, activations, impartations...everything. If you didn’t have it before you came to them, renounce it. Sever the soul ties to those impartations and prophecies. Trash EVERYTHING - all spiritual and material connection you have to them.


Remove all affiliation with the former covering. Verbally articulate this.

4) RUN. 

RUN. FOR. YOUR. LIFE. Ask God to strengthen your legs to outrun the chariot of false prophecy telling you to return to the ministry that abused you. It’s not God; it’s a spirit of divination.

My Two Cents


One of the things I’ve observed as it pertains to cults is that they rule by a spirit of fear. It may feel like a police state where people snitch on each other or a plantation where everyone is in terror of the “master.” However it specifically manifests, the people are there - whether they want to be or not - because of a spirit of fear.

In my own experience, I had to break the spirit of fear and specifically the gag order that came with it. I also prayed this for those who were still on the inside. The power behind the abuser and the manipulator is fear. Fear comes to silence.

When Queen Jezebel reigned, she silenced the prophets. Those who could be bought wound up on her payroll, and those who could not wound up either dead or in hiding. 

To silence Elijah, Jezebel sent a death threat against him.

To silence the Baptist, Jezebel had him imprisoned and took his head.

To silence the Apostles, the Pharisees threw them in prison.

To silence Jesus, they put Him on the cross.

Fear itself is a form of manipulation.

The child molester says, “Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll kill your family.”

The rapist says, “Don’t tell the police, or I’ll kill you.”

The government says, “Don’t tell, or we’ll destroy your reputation.”

In a cult, especially one that appears to be more mainstream, they will typically not threaten to literally kill you. It will look more like a subtle threat or even an outright curse. They say you are a rogue, rebellious, or a Jezebel/Absalom if you leave. They say you won’t fulfill your destiny if you leave. They say you’ll lose everything if you leave. They say God will kill or curse you if you leave or disobey them in any way. And the members will have seen others be publicly humiliated, harassed, bullied, slandered, snitched on, or targeted in some other form.

But it’s all a lie. It only has the power to become true if you come into agreement with it and believe it. DON’T BELIEVE IT.

Today, after doing all Apostle Pagani has charged you to, I command you to break the spirit of fear your demonic covering imparted to you.

God has not given you a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a SOUND MIND (2 Tim. 1:7).

There is no fear in God’s love because fear comes with torment (1 John 4:18).


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