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#RoundTableChat: Cindy Jacobs, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez & Bishop Harry Jackson Talk Race Relations [LISTEN]

Despite some technical difficulties, we had an AMAZING time tonight. It was such an honour to have Cindy Jacob, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, and Bishop Harry Jackson on The Round Table last night to discuss race relations in the Body of Christ in the nation. I would that more of us would risk being uncomfortable and unpopular to address the many grievances and wounds that have taken place in the black and brown communities over the decades and centuries. We cannot hope to properly deal with the issues if we were refuse to acknowledge them.

Last night we chose to acknowledge them.

You may also listen to and download the playback here!

A very special thank you to all of you who called in, listened, tweeted, Facebooked, and asked questions at the #RoundTableChat.

This was the largest attendance we've had to date, almost 100 total, and I think we can safely say that it will also be the largest amount of playbacks that we will have had to date as well.

*A Special Note*

Please keep Prophet Cindy Jacobs and her family in your prayers. She lost her mother yesterday morning. Yet she felt it was just that important to be with us on the call last night. That was a real sacrifice and it truly blessed me, rendered me speechless actually. And I'm sure y'all know how difficult THAT is! *wink, wink*

But moving back to our call...we touched on some issues such as:

  • The historical role of the Church in regards to racism and prejudice
  • How Sunday mornings are still the most segregated day of the week
  • How to become more ethnically inclusive in our services
  • The roots of racism both spiritual and systemic
  • The differences between racial diversity and civil rights vs. sexual diversity and civil rights
  • And even colourism in the black and brown communities

It is my hope that we will take this event not as an end, but as a vehicle to inspire more conversations, and more than that, action. To not only demand social justice, but to bring true healing and reconciliation between the ethnicities that make up the melting pot which is the United States of America. And that we keep lifted up the redemptive aspect that only comes through the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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