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#RoundTableChat: Cindy Jacobs, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez & Bishop Harry Jackson Talk Race Relations [LISTEN]

Despite some technical difficulties, we had an AMAZING time tonight. It was such an honour to have Cindy Jacob, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, and Bishop Harry Jackson on The Round Table last night to discuss race relations in the Body of Christ in the nation. I would that more of us would risk being uncomfortable and unpopular to address the many grievances and wounds that have taken place in the black and brown communities over the decades and centuries. We cannot hope to properly deal with the issues if we were refuse to acknowledge them. Last night we chose to acknowledge them.

2016: The Year of the Mantle | Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

The following is the Word of the Lord for 2016 from a wonderful, powerful man of God, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez! He is the pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center in Sacramento, CA; the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; the author and host of The Lamb’s Agenda on TBN; and the leader and teacher of the “His Panic” movement: creating panic in the heart of the devil because we are true, born again, blood bought believers coming, declaring, moving, and acting in the name of Jesus Christ! You can connect with him at and, follow him on Twitter @rev_rodriguez and @nhclc, and “like” him on Facebook!