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HEARTBROKEN...Remembering Dr. Myles Munroe, Kingdom Evangelist Extraordinaire

When I heard the news Sunday night on Facebook, I thought, "This HAS to be a joke." There's no way Dr. Myles could actually be *don't say it* dead. 


The exact opposite of everything he was, everything he represented.

He was LIFE! BRILLIANCE! His very personality was like a glimpse, a small peak at the treasure trove that is Heaven. The Kingdom revelations he dropped on us were light years ahead of that of his contemporaries. And Dr. Myles didn't preach or teach Kingdom, he WAS Kingdom. 

Open Letter to the Producers of Preachers of L.A.

Dear Producers of Preachers L.A.,

We need to talk. Seriously. First let me say, I AM a fan of the show. I watch avidly and will be conducting a written commentary (NOT a gossip column!) on this season for for the sake of starting a positive, much-needed dialogue, so stay tuned if you so choose. And while I would not go so far to say that Preachers of L.A. is a “God idea,” it’s certainly a good idea. All this to say, again, I like the show. And I am in your ballpark, really.

Throughout this letter, I will present various points that I feel need to be addressed (as I’m sure many others do as well). Commencing with the Drama King himself, Deitrick Haddon.