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Dear Gays: You Already Had Equal Marriage Rights

Dear, dear, dear gay community: you don’t need the right to get married. You already had it. You need deliverance. All of the love, identity, and affirmation that you are seeking can only ever be found in God Almighty. And the good news is, He is already seeking you! Cry out to God, repent for your sins (we ALL have to do it daily), and turn your heart and life over to Him. Then and only then will you have the liberty you are so longing for.

Dear Bruce Jenner: The Woman’s Nature is Inborn

The following is an excerpt from Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman by the late, yet never forgotten, Dr. Myles Munroe. It's really a shame that we have become so depraved in our thinking as a society and civilization that we have to teach grown people the painfully obvious differences between a man and a woman, male and female. Bruce Jenner is attempting to be a woman. People are now attempting to de-program school children of various ages to teach that there is no such thing as gender. And without a the moral foundation of the Word of God, moral relativity runs rampant and anything goes. Who cares if God says He only created male and female if you don’t believe in God or His Word to begin with? What seems and frankly is utterly simple truth is now considered groundbreaking to some and bigoted intolerance to others. But allow me to share the words of this great, passed prophet with you.

Why Brittany Maynard Should Inspire Us to Oppose Euthanasia in All Cases

This is a post by Matt Walsh. If you are not already acquainted with the utter truth-tastic brilliance that is Matt Walsh and The Matt Walsh Blog, you should be! Now, a new contributor for The Blaze (which makes him doubly awesome), you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his awesome "truth sayings." And while I can exactly say that I hope you enjoy this post, I do hope that it will provoke you to introspection and a good hard look at our depraved society.