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Dear Bruce Jenner: The Woman’s Nature is Inborn

The following is an excerpt from Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman by the late, yet never forgotten, Dr. Myles Munroe.

It's really a shame that we have become so depraved in our thinking as a society and civilization that we have to teach grown people the painfully obvious differences between a man and a woman, male and female. Bruce Jenner is attempting to be a woman. People are now attempting to de-program school children of various ages to teach that there is no such thing as gender. And without a the moral foundation of the Word of God, moral relativity runs rampant and anything goes. Who cares if God says He only created male and female if you don’t believe in God or His Word to begin with?

What seems and frankly is utterly simple truth is now considered groundbreaking to some and bigoted intolerance to others. But allow me to share the words of this great, passed prophet with you.


Dr. Myles Munroe

What has been happening in our society, however, is that people have been trying to change their designs. There are women who want to be like men, and there are men who want to be like women. God is saying to them, “You don't have the circuits for it.” To pursue these desires is the equivalent of short-circuiting. People are living static lives in which they don't know their purpose. They can't appreciate why people are different.

Imagine a car battery saying, “I want to be a carburetor,” and trying to function as a carburetor. The car won't work. Batteries and carburetors are different because they have different functions. Although their differences make them valuable, a carburetor isn't anything without a battery. No matter how they might feel about one another, they still need each other, because they are both integral parts of something larger--the car. We must understand that males and females are all part of something larger, called man. Yet they are different, because they have different purposes.

If you are not sure that you are a female, God has provided you with physical evidence so that you may know. If you were born with a female reproductive system, you are a female. If you were not, you are a male. How you feel and whom you prefer to sleep with are not relevant. These things don't make you a woman or a man. Your feelings do not bring dignity to that which is unnatural. The fact that many people are doing something does not mean it is right. We shouldn't confuse numbers with normalcy If enough of us are abnormal, we'll believe that we are normal. Don't let anybody fool you into believing that you're something that you're not. You should look to your design.

The male is designed to provide seed for the purpose of procreation. Therefore, if you are not sure that you are a female. check to see if you were meant to provide sperm. If you were not, then you are a woman. Whether or not you can provide a climax is not the issue. If you were designed to be, so that you can fulfill your true purpose.

Forget all the psychological, emotional, and sociological explanations. The only qualifications for being a specific gender is to be born with organs that enable you to fulfill the purpose of that gender. Having an operation and changing your sex organs does not change your nature. If you change your sex organs, it is just like having a kidney transplant. You are still who you were born to be. If a male receives a female's kidney in a kidney transplant, he's still a man.

So spiritually, we deal with the spirit-man within us, but physically, we deal with male and female. God is so wonderful. He set things up so that the relationship between God and man is intended to be expressed through the relationship between male and female. In this way, what is unseen can be understood through what is seen. The Bible refers to Jesus as the Bridegroom and the church as His bride. God is giving us an earthly and physical illustration to communicate the spiritual truth of our relationship and unity with Him. Therefore, we need to appreciate our creation as males and females, designed specifically for God's love and His purposes in this world. “For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). (Dr. Myles Munroe, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman, Chapter Five: “The Uniqueness of Woman,” pg. 97)