Can You Really Sell Your Soul and Is There a Way Out, Part II

Can You Really Sell Your Soul and Is There a Way Out, Part II

When I first penned “Can You Really Sell Your Soul and Is There a Way Out,” I had NO IDEA it would become the #1 post on my website for well over a year. It still is. I also had NO CLUE that I would receive an influx of comments and messages over time with people feeling they had committed this “spiritual crime.” I’d like to take some time to address many of their concerns.

1) Selling Your Soul Is NOT the Unpardonable Sin.

I’ve already written some posts on this here, here, and here; also, R.T. Kendall covers it here; however, suffice it to say, blaspheming the Holy Spirit is when a person who has known God and His power attributes the works of God to Satan or the works of Satan to God. Therefore, selling your soul to Satan does not fall in this category.

2) If You’re Concerned About It, You Probably Didn’t Do It.

Continuing with the topic of the unpardonable sin, if you’re genuinely concerned about it, I’m 99.89% sure that you haven’t done it. And in regards to selling your soul, that is an intentional act that you would not forget. Just listen to Earthquake Kelley and John Ramirez’s stories. You can’t sell something by accident.

Now there are some who argue that you can’t sell something you don’t own. I disagree with this statement because I disagree with the premise. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law according to Galatians 3:13-14; however, He gave us free will to choose what to do with those souls. Therefore, just as Adam gave his custodianship of the Earth to Satan for a time, so you can sell your soul to a demon or the devil.

That said, Jesus’ Blood is far too powerful to be overridden by a created being. See below.

3) No Demon Is So Powerful That It Cannot Be Cast Out. Not Behemoth. And Not Satan.

Whether someone has actually sold their soul to the devil or not, many people are under the utter delusion that the devil or one of his demons are more powerful than Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the true and living God.

Just let that sink in: The only begotten Son of the true and living God.

Who or what could be more powerful than that??

The Spirit of Behemoth

There are some who introduced me to the spirit of Behemoth. Two young men who’d never met each other before from different parts of the world, both wrote to me of this spirit. Both told me that, in their first and secondhand experiences, this spirit came in the same way (through music), and both were under the impression that it could not be cast out.

Now, while I had never heard of someone actually being confronted with a spirit of Behemoth, we know this name from Scripture. Job 40 to be exact. And what we see there is what I like to call the land version of Leviathan; akin to a dinosaur. Perhaps proof of dinosaurs. This tells me that while characteristically different, this spirit is the same rank as Leviathan. God tells Job of Behemoth,

He is the first of the ways of God;
Only He who made him can bring near His sword.
(Job 40:19)

This tells me that, like the principalities amongst the angels, this creature created to be an earthly manifestation of the angelic prince, has great angelic power. He is a prince; a strongman on the earth. And yet it is God who can bring him to heel; subdue him. And there is your answer; there is your freedom.

YOU cannot cast him out.

YOU cannot control him.

YOU cannot order him about.

So isn’t it wonderful that we don’t come in our own power, but in the stead and name and place of Jesus?! God’s Sword is His Son, and His Son is the Word, and the Word is the Sword (John 1:14, Heb. 4:12). It is this Sword that can, has, and will conquer this haughty spirit.

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. (I John 4:4)

Behemoth and every other devil CAN be cast out, in the name of Jesus.

Warfare Tip #1: If you think a devil can’t be cast out, then it can’t. Faith is our entry point to the supernatural. If you don’t have the faith to cast a devil out, don’t bother. Allow someone else who does have the faith.

Warfare Tip #2: If a spirit was “played in,” it can be “played out.” I heard this gem from a deliverance minister; it was something the Lord had showed to them. So if a spirit entered into a person through demonic music, there is an excellent chance that pure worship music will [help to] drive it out.

4) Jesus’ Purchase Overrides Your Sell.

If you have sold your soul, all that is necessary is your will and perseverance. Jesus did the rest. Utilize your will to renounce that devil and his purchase, and employ perseverance in the walking out of your deliverance and discipleship. That’s YOUR part. Jesus’ blood did the rest, and when you appropriate it (take it for yourself) and apply it to this situation, He “gets dibs” on your soul. Just give it back to the One Who already paid the ultimate price for it.

5) You CAN Be Free in Jesus’ Name.

I stated this in the original post and have reiterated it throughout this post, yet I wanted to intentionally restate it again: you CAN be in free from any demonic possession or affliction in Jesus’ name! Pray this prayer in faith, and watch God do it in YOUR life!

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