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Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley (Haitian Voodoo)

I first learned about Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley a couple years ago while watching old archives on And may I just say, WHAT A POWERFUL TESTIMONY!!! It particularly hits home to me since I, like Earthquake, am part Haitian. 

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong being Haitian or from the West Indies/Islands. I'm very proud of my quarter-Haitian blood and my full French name. However, each culture around the world has its own pagan roots

Celts have their druid priests and priestesses.

Indigenous peoples like the Native North, Central, and South Americans; Aborigines; and Africans have their medicine men, witch doctors, and shamans.

Those in the Caribbean, similar to the African peoples, have those who administer voodoo.

And in case you didn't know, it wasn't a godly, righteous revolution that won the Haitians their freedom from slavery --it was the demonic power of the Occult by means of Voodoo. Historical studies record voodoo ceremonies that took place which empowered the blacks and mulattoes to overthrow their slave owners. They didn't call on God, they called on Satan and he answered them by empowering them to slaughter their owners. THAT is the power of voodoo and THAT is what Earthquake Kelley was immersed in since childhood and, praise God, was delivered and set free from! Watch his testimony below! It includes topics such as:

  • Generational curses/spiritual inheritances
  • Demonic mentoring
  • Demonic interactions with various spirits (descriptions)
  • How certain things/spirits such as the "Boogie Man" originated in the Islands and passed into the States
  • Evangelical witchcraft
  • Astral-projection, and much more!

Praise God for complete and total deliverance! 

For an overall testimony of Earthquake Kelley's life pre and post-deliverance, watch (and listen to) it on "It's Supernatural with Sid Roth!"