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#TheNAKEDSeries: “In the Rectangle, Not the Circle.” Part 2 {WATCH}

As promised, I am continuing with #TheNAKEDSeries wherein I strip - not physically, but emotionally - to, hopefully and prayerfully, bring understand and healing to the women out there, especially the younger, single women. God has a plan for your life - and it does NOT include a boyfriend, fiance, or husband who refuses to see or support you in pursuing the call of God on your life.

If you missed Part 1, you can catch it here.

Sometimes when we’re at a rough patch in our lives, especially when those rough patches were caused by believing lies or being discouraged by a lack of male support, it helps to hear from someone else who’s been where you have. So this is me, exposing myself, in hopes that you’ll be able to either heal from or avoid altogether the situation that I went through.

This video includes:

  • Dealing with men who don't want their woman to shine
  • Dealing with men who are afraid to let their woman shine
  • "Christian Chauvinism": men using the Bible to keep women out of the pulpit
  • The traditions of men making the Word of God of no effect
  • The truth about submission in relationships/marriage
  • We DID NOT wake up like this
  • Assessing who we marry before we say YES
  • And much more!

As women we have the choice to choose the type of husband we marry and thus, submit to. Choose wisely because God still expects submission.

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