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Steve Harvey’s #MissUniverse Gaff & a Prophetic Demonstration

So by now you’ve probably heard of or seen comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey’s horrible gaff in last night’s Miss Universe pageant. I never watch pageants myself (bet you didn’t expect that!), but I was dying to know what happened when Facebook literally EXPLODED with comments about “the worst mistake on live television.” And soon, my questions were answered when I saw this video clip…

Dear Gays: You Already Had Equal Marriage Rights

Dear, dear, dear gay community: you don’t need the right to get married. You already had it. You need deliverance. All of the love, identity, and affirmation that you are seeking can only ever be found in God Almighty. And the good news is, He is already seeking you! Cry out to God, repent for your sins (we ALL have to do it daily), and turn your heart and life over to Him. Then and only then will you have the liberty you are so longing for.