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Steve Harvey’s #MissUniverse Gaff & a Prophetic Demonstration

So by now you’ve probably heard of or seen comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey’s horrible gaff in last night’s Miss Universe pageant. I never watch pageants myself (bet you didn’t expect that!), but I was dying to know what happened when Facebook literally EXPLODED with comments about “the worst mistake on live television.” And soon, my questions were answered when I saw this video clip…

2015: The Year of The Lord’s Release, The Year of Freedom

The following is a prophetic word for 2015 given by Prophetess Cynthia Thompson of Eternal Change Ministries. She is an accurate prophet who is also in (ministerial) relationship with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado and you'll see that the words God gave each of them on New Year's Eve for 2015 overlap! Praise God for confirming His word to His servants! 

We have entered into God’s time calendar of divine release.  The years beginning in 2014 and ending in -2015 mark the completion or fulfillment of the seven year cycles of God, which will bring us into our Jubilee year which is also known as the great Shemitah year.  A Shemitah year happens every seven years on the calendar of God for the purpose of releasing and freeing people from debt and captivity. A great Shemitah year occurs when seven times seven Sabbath years which equal 49 years have been fulfilled to bring us into the beginning of Jubilee.