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Judging the Prophetic Series: Establishing the Nature of the Spirit

As promised, here is the Judging the Prophetic Series! I was noticing an utter lack of understanding on the part of the masses when it came to judging the prophetic and an utter lack of training and abuse when it came to many (though not all or most I dare say) who prophesy, therefore I wanted to create a series to help us - prophets and receivers of prophetic ministry - judge our motives and words more carefully. I'm most grateful to Dr. Belinda John of Shulamite Women Community Magazine running my series on her platform! Enjoy, share, but most of all, learn.

Jezebel: Shutting Down the Witch Hunt

Jezebel. You think you know her, but you have no idea. We often say “she” is the young woman busy enticing men from their wives. We’re so quick to remember the one verse in all of Scripture detailing that Jezebel painted her eyes in II Kings 9:30, that we forget how she actually operates in full. In fact, most could not even provide a full, accurate description of her “harlotries.”