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Jezebel: Shutting Down the Witch Hunt

Jezebel. You think you know her, but you have no idea. We often say “she” is the young woman busy enticing men from their wives. We’re so quick to remember the one verse in all of Scripture detailing that Jezebel painted her eyes in II Kings 9:30, that we forget how she actually operates in full. In fact, most could not even provide a full, accurate description of her “harlotries.”

This article is not about the Delilah manifestation of Jezebel. It’s not even about the murderous Herodian expression or the crown-stealing Absalom manifestation. No. This post is about the much-overlooked accusatory manifestation of the Spirit of Jezebel. Let’s dig in.

The Person Pointing the Finger

When I think of the spirit of Jezebel, I often think of the Salem Witch Trials. Many an innocent was accused of witchcraft while those doing the finger pointing were actually the ones operating in witchcraft! Not the formal witchcraft of spell-casting and rituals, but the more subtle, socially-acceptable manipulation of persons, places, things, and public opinion.

When Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard, Jezebel accused the righteous man of blasphemy. (I Kings 21:1-16).

When Herodias wanted to rid herself of the “new Elijah,” John the Baptist, she had her husband arrest the prophet and eventually, took off his head for her prize (Mark 6:14-29).

When Saul feared David’s destiny, he accused him of being a treasonous enemy (I Samuel 19-20).

And much like how the Pharisees and Sadducees dealt with Jesus, when the pre-converted wanted to punish the new converts, he accused the Christians of blasphemy and other sins, arresting and killing as many of them as he could (Acts 8:1-3, 9:1-30).

Jezebel is an expert finger-pointer. And she has made her home in the Church.

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