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Judging the Prophetic Series: Establishing the Nature of the Spirit

As promised, here is the Judging the Prophetic Series! I was noticing an utter lack of understanding on the part of the masses when it came to judging the prophetic and an utter lack of training and abuse when it came to many (though not all or most I dare say) who prophesy, therefore I wanted to create a series to help us - prophets and receivers of prophetic ministry - judge our motives and words more carefully. I'm most grateful to Dr. Belinda John of Shulamite Women Community Magazine running my series on her platform! Enjoy, share, but most of all, learn.

In January, I joined up with two friends of mine to do a teleseminar called “What God Is Saying.” While preparing for it, I had a preliminary conversation with one of my two guests, Charity Porter. In that chat, we quickly discovered that we’d been impressed with the same unction: to study the Holy Spirit. Some great book titles such as I believe she was reading Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, 40 Days with the Holy Spirit by R.T. Kendall, and Holy Spirit: An Introduction by John Bevere came up. Yet Charity encouraged me to not just read books, but to turn to the Book, the Word of God itself, to learn all about Him.

Get In Your Word

This was a wonderful admonishment that we later shared with the listeners and that I now share with you. Let’s turn to the Word of God to discover the nitty gritty of the Spirit of God. And let’s begin with understanding His nature. After all, if being prophetic people requires us to operate by the Spirit of God, then we must understand how the Spirit of God operates -and also, how He does not operate.

The Spirit of Truth

Knowing that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth is a major foundation for the prophetic. Why? Because the spirit realm is rife with spirits - unclean, evil, and altogether not like God - who are eager to slip in and pass themselves off as the Holy Spirit for the sake of deceiving individuals and masses alike.

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