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Cults & Deliverance: The Truth about Voodoo, Obeah & Santeria {WATCH}

I’ve been wanting to post some documentaries about Voodoo for some time. Voodoo, Santeria, Obeah, Hoodoo, Rootworking, Mojo, etc., outside of some ancillary differences, at their core, they’re the same. It’s just a question of the people group and the preferred mask of choice. Why would I want to do a post on Voodoo? Because it is prevalent. Prevalent and followed by poverty, death, and destruction. Voodoo very literally deceives people, then drags them to Hell.

Apostle John Eckhardt on the Queen of Heaven [WATCH]

This is an EXCELLENT excerpt on a teaching exposing the Queen of Heaven by Apostle John Eckhardt! I stumbled upon it quite by accident, but I'm SO happy I did! It's confirmed many of the things that I've been sharing with you all in my blog over the past year and a half. In it, he specifically exposes the Queen of Heaven worship found in the Catholic Church via Mary Worship.