Word of the Lord for 2017 || Perry Stone, Cindy Jacobs & Rich Vera {WATCH}

Word of the Lord for 2017 || Perry Stone, Cindy Jacobs & Rich Vera {WATCH}

Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, decided to kick of the year with a Prophetic Outlook featuring three prophets of very different callings, yet great synergy in the Spirit! Sid gets things kicked off with “Mama” Cindy Jacobs, then goes on to discuss the prophetic forecast for 2017 with one of my other favourites, Perry Stone, as well as Rich Vera! Let’s delve in!

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In her segment, Mama Cindy shares her prophetic background including her “preacher daddy” who was a Baptist minister and her prophetic gifting as a child, then the call of God to ministry as a young wife and mother. She also discusses:

  • EVERYONE can hear God’s voice
  • NONE of us were called to live a boring, stupid life
  • Exposing terrorist plots through prophetic intercession
  • The number means 17 “complete victory” and “breakthrough”
  • The prophetic significance of Donald Trump’s presidency (learn more here!)
  • Reforming America


Perry Stone kicks off things piggy-backing off Cindy Jacob’s prophetic outlook on Trump’s presidency.

  • The “40” + “5” in the Hebrew alphabet means “what.” Whoever gets in [the presidency] will make people say “What?!” “How did this happen?!”
  • The name of Jesus at the inauguration
  • Know how to confess the word with your mouth...and the year to learn to shut up
  • The strategy of racial division in the Body of Christ and nation
  • The strategy of Balaam and the spirit of compromise
  • What’s coming to America....the good AND the bad
  • The real Jubilee year


Evangelist Rich Vera wraps up the individual interview segments with looking back over his past prophetic words that have come to past. He discusses:

  • Releasing a WORD vs. releasing a SPIRIT
  • The Holy Ghost dropping on Egypt
  • God is separating the true vessels from the self-appointed vessels
  • “Reset” (Learn more about reset here!)
  • The rewards of faithfulness
  • Donald Trump’s presidency
  • Restoration and breakthrough
  • The ending of generational curses
  • A spirit of hopelessness released over the land through the former FLOTUS cancelled, hope restored


Sid brings all three prophets together so they can flow according to 1 Corinthians 14:29-33.

  • The Appalachian Revival
  • An ominous event(s) that will take place and drive people from the cities to the rural areas
  • Rural churches must be ready to handle to influx and teach the Word accordingly
  • The wheat vs. tares amongst the leaders and the sheep
  • Exposure of motives through persecution: People will either change their stance or suffer and trust God
  • A shift, new mantles, and a new generation
  • A new move of God in the universities that will bring about the fear of the Lord
  • God is getting ready to anoint an ARMY
  • If persecution persists, those media networks will fall down
  • God is raising up media revolutionaries who will take away the wealth of the media networks who’ve touched God’s anointed
  • The Lord is getting ready to expose deep-rooted, systemic corruption
  • The best of times and the worst of times - the choice is yours
  • The will of God in Obama’s presidency
  • God is going to FIGHT for His people as He did in the Bible days
  • Revival coming to the Russian Jews in Israel
  • God is raising up young, Nazarite Messianic evangelists
Illegal Operations

Illegal Operations

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The Transgender Agenda