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Tackling Spiritual & Systematic Racism in America {WATCH}

I’m at it again: tackling that ugly stronghold of racism in America. Exposing that stronghold that many are happy to ignore. Uncovering the systems that most unfortunately helped shape this nation. And dealing with that which the traditions of man use to make the Word of God of no effect.

Let’s talk about the spirit and systems of racism.

It’s big, it’s bad, it’s ugly, and it hasn't gone ANYWHERE. Contrary to popular belief.

In this particular video we deal with:

  • The Spirit of Racism
  • The System of Racism
  • The differences between racism, prejudice, and ignorance
  • The myth of black-on-black crime
  • Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • White people's role in racial reconciliation
  • And much more!

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