It’s Only on Sunday That Friday Makes Sense

It’s Only on Sunday That Friday Makes Sense

I caught the tail end of the online service at Kingdom Church in New Jersey pastored by Dr. Dharius Daniels yesterday morning. As it was Resurrection Day, he was preaching a message called “Sunday’s Coming!” And in it, he made such a short, yet profound statement: It’s only on Sunday that Friday makes sense. And that thang hit me so good!!

I wanted to do a video on it right then and there, but I had a prominently placed pimple on my face so I decided against it. Lol And then I realised that I hadn’t written by Resurrection Day post yet, so here we have it.  

That thang hit me so good because I know what Friday feels like. I live at 1234 Friday Avenue and have for some time. Friday is when people talk about you, revile you, tease you, and privately or publicly speak against you.

Friday is when those who were praising you two seconds before start hurling accusations at you, name calling, and overall, turn traitor on you.

Friday is when the wicked councils of Hell and earth are having clandestine meetings about you. For the “saints,” this is often masked as concern or gathering information for prayer. The devil IS a lie. And so are they.

Friday is when you know exactly who you are and what God has called you to do, but even amongst your closest friends, you find yourself doubting yourself. You know God isn’t a liar so you wonder if, perhaps, you lied to yourself and said it was Him.

Friday is when you think you’re crazy. And so does everyone else.

And from there you are launched into darkness. You can’t see His face nor hear His voice. All you hear is your own lying voice and the lying wonders around you. You go from doubtful to depressed. You wonder if you will EVER see what God has promised. And somewhere, Satan and his minions are rejoicing because they think they’ve beaten you so bad, that you can’t get back up.

But Sunday’s coming!!!

And right when it’s darkest, the light at the end of the tunnel - or should I say “tomb”? - begins to appear. And little by little, and then suddenly, everything falls into place. Why? Because Sunday’s here!

It’s on Sunday that you realised you were never crazy.

It’s on Sunday that Satan realises that he didn’t win; God did.

It’s on Sunday that everyone - even those who hate and misunderstand you - see irrefutable proof that what happened in your life was only something that God could have done.

And it’s only on Sunday that Friday makes sense.

Take heart! YOUR Sunday is coming!

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