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Dear Christian Men, You Are the Standard

Dear Christian Men,


You are the standard.

And if you are a minister, you - and your spouse - are held to an even higher standard.

Who you date matters.

Who you marry reflects on you;

Who you marry is a reflection of you.

Your role - public or otherwise - influences others...for better or for worse.

The Church sees you as does the world.

You are the standard.

Therefore, marry a woman of substance.

A woman who is spiritually suitable for you as well as physically, emotionally, and intellectually pleasing to you;

A woman who is a partner as well as a trophy.

Because when you choose sex appeal over spirituality, sensuality over suitability,

You set a standard that tells others it's okay too.

You are the standard.

You may not believe you are the standard,

Heck, you may not even want to be the standard, but you are.

Your job is to raise the standard, not lower it.

And if who you choose to marry isn't a high standard,

You encourage others to follow you in that sub-par standard as well.

Think about it.



One Who Desires to See the Standard Raised.