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Taboo Talks: The Origin of Demons [LISTEN]

I’m so thankful to Essence and Khasmin of Taboo Talks for hosting me on their BlogTalkRadio show Sunday night! We had such a great time! If you missed it, worry not: you can catch the whole show here!

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We covered topics such as:

-The 3 theories on where demons came about, how they came into being.

-Are ghosts the troubled spirits of our dead loved ones, familiar spirits, or something else.

-Demons vs. Fallen Angels

-Do Hell and fallen angels/demons increase? If yes, how?

-Who and what is the AntiChrist?

-The 4 types of “sons of God.”

-Did the last giants die? If yes, when?

-The Nephilim of old and the modern-day, coming Nephilim via the UFO/ET phenomenon

-Catholic exorcisms and more!

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