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Witchcraft & Deliverance Chronicles: Robin Harfouche (New Age)

Apostle (Dr.) Robin Harfouche has an AMAZING testimony about how God saved her from the darkness of the Occult and brought her out and into the powerful ministry she now shares with her husband, Apostle (Dr.) Christian Harfouche.

I first learned of Robin's testimony on "It's Supernatural with Sid Roth" and have since listened to it countless times. The recipient of the spiritual inheritances from her maternal great-grandmother who was a witch and also from her father's side who were Holy Ghost-filled preachers, the fight for her soul began when she was a child. Through multiple childhood rapes and her otherworldly dance talents, Robin was propelled into the world of darkness, yet deceived into thinking it was the "light." Yet she did not know at the time that even Satan can transform himself into an angel of light for the express purpose of deceiving the masses. 

"From Hollywood to Heaven," Apostle Robin's testimony is a must-hear, must-share and encouragement that God can deliver us all from the snare of the Fowler! Robin's testimony includes:

  • Spiritual inheritances
  • Childhood rape
  • Out of body experiences
  • New Age
  • Psychics, mediums, light workers
  • White Magic
  • Demonic mentoring
  • Selling your soul
  • Hollywood & the Occult

For more about Robin's testimony--and that of her husband, Christian, as well--watch and listen to it on "It's Supernatural with Sid Roth"!