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Monthly Review (March)

I wasn’t going to post the monthly goals review for March. That was until I got an inbox message on Facebook with a faithful reader nicely demanding for it, lol. j/k You see, I wasn’t going to post this time because for the last month I had one very personal, yet very real goal: to stay sane.

1) Stayed Sane.

See item #2 from last month’s goals review.

I asked myself which of the two was most important: making money or staying sane? Obviously, I chose staying sane. (And it should be noted, that if you can’t stay sane, you won’t be able to make money.) That said, I’m very happy to announce that this, my most important goal, was abundantly accomplished. I am, as the old folks would say, “clothed and in my right mind.” Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow. I’m a little worse for wear, but God is a Healer. And now I’m moving on.

2) Wrote the First Chapter to My New Book.

Per my last item, this was not at all something I set out to do. Yet in reading my new adopted big brother Sean Smith’s book, I Am Your Sign, I knew by Chapter 2, what I needed to write for the first chapter of my newest book. Apparently, this is turning out to be one of those sporadic, nothing-but-God projects and another proof that you can’t predict how God will work for or move through you.

You see, I wrote all 305 pages of Kingdom Mandates in two days shy of one month. (May 2012). I wrote the outline and two days later, started the manuscript. I became more of a hermit than I already am in this season of life, and just did it all at once.

However, this current project has been ENTIRELY different. I knew the gist of what I had to write, but felt no sense of urgency when I got the idea over a year ago. But the chapters for this project seem to come as suddenly as the entire concept for Kingdom Mandates. (Hint: Look out for the next Monthly Goals Review! *wink, wink*)

3) Wrote the First Draft to a New Children’s Book.

I also wrote the first draft to a children’s book I’ve been brooding over for a bit. It’s a funny story really. Someone asked an essay question in one of my Facebook writing groups and it was, “How do you cook a dragon?” As I’m sure you could imagine, all of us fantastical beings went to work describing it in the comments section below.

But it really got me thinking. What would that be like, really? So I wrote a multiple page essay, for fun, entitled “How to Cook a Dragon.” It was wonderful! And then by some stroke of malevolence in the world, it was deleted, never to be found again. *sad face*

But this March, I recalled my memories and put it into a manuscript! It still needs some work (one draft is never enough), but it’s a definite start in the right direction!

So what did you accomplish in the last month??