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Not Required: Your Opinion

On Friday, I posted a fun status on my Facebook Page letting everyone know that between January 2012 and January 2014, I was a wedding blogger. And a Facebook acquaintance (a former Facebook “friend”--I’ll explain the “former” shortly--and current Page fan) she immediately confronted me. This was the conversation:

Her: Since when are you wedding planner?

Me: I never claimed to be a wedding planner, just a wedding blogger. And as stated from Jan. 2012-Jan. 2014.

Her: A wedding blogger without owning a business? Weird. Ok. God Bless! If you motives is to make money.. Please drop that.. This is for truly passionate people. You seem a bit confused about your calling. Get with God & really hear from the Holy Spirit. This is true advice..

Me: You may want to re-read that message and see how it comes across.

Her: Oh Hun. I know what I said.. Clearly. And trust me I know who I'm speaking to. You're the same person who use to email me & inbox me whole back about a lot of things.. I know who you are. May The Lord guard you..

Hmmmm...condescending much??

She attacked my choices, clarity, calling, and more in one moment--and all with bad spelling!!

I wanted to give this chick a piece of my sanctified mind!!! But I didn’t. And soon, I remembered this awesome post by my bro, Paul Carrick Brunson entitled “How to Know When You Should Respond to a Hater.” In it, he highlights these three deciding factors: 

1) Do You Care about the Commenter?

I don’t.

She claimed to know me, but last time I checked, one-sided Facebook chats and continual inbox invites to watch your church online and call your church’s prayer line at unseemly hours EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. are not grounds for having a close, intimate relationship with someone. That’s called spam. It’s also called the reason why I unfriended her on Facebook.

2) Is the Comment Part of a Larger Trend?   

Not in the least.

3) Is the Comment Bullying?

Not exactly.

Although that whole “May the Lord guard you” comment didn’t strike me as a blessing so much as it did a warning that if I don’t listen to her or say something she doesn’t like, the Lord will reign down fire and brimstone as a recompense on my unrepentant head.

I think not.

Basically, this chick wasn’t worth the energy I spent vexed over her. At times like this, I feel it’s appropriate to say:

People be crazy yo.

So this is me saying “woo saaaah” and hoping that will calm me down.

Until then...

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