Monthly Review (January)

Monthly Review (January)

January was a pretty good month. Okay, it was AWESOME!! *smile* I've been inspired by my brother Paul Brunson to not make resolutions, but to rather make not of what's actually been accomplished. He wrote an excellent blogpost noting his 2013 accomplishments (which you should totally check out by the way), but I wanted to up the ante by recording my monthly accomplishments! I know this will encourage me to do the same and better this month and hopefully encourage you to do the same! Enjoy!

1) Landed Awesome New ON-GOING Clients.

I got some really amazing new clients this year, all godsends, and all on-going. Something I've learned in running my own business is that a new client is great. A loyal client is even better. A loyal client who's not always trying to haggle down your prices and needs/desires ongoing work is best. MY.NEW.CLIENTS.ARE.AWESOME!! :) 

2) Landed a New Editor Position at Gospel Today Magazine.

I wrote my first guest contributing piece for Gospel Today in January/February 2012. In February of 2013, I was able to negotiate a column with Gospel Today named after my Godly Government eBook. And January of this year I got promoted! Praise the Jesus! :) 

It's definitely a new position--and yes, we are looking for an editorial and social media intern!--as well as building up the team of GT writers, but I'm super excited and up to the challenge!

3) Started a Top Secret, Incognito Project.

For obvious reasons I can't say much about this topic. But I can say it's super exciting, unlike anything I've ever done before, and one day (have NO clue when that day is), I will reveal my connection to the project! #excited

4) Read Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers.

I may or may not write a review on this book. It's not by any means new, but it's new to me in the sense that I FINALLY read it. I say "finally" because I heard my favourite preacher in the entire world, Bishop Tudor Bismark, reference this book, in a sermon in 2009. I purchased the book in September/October of 2012, but didn't actually read it 'til last month. I now want EVERY.SINGLE.BOOK Mr. Malcolm Gladwell has ever written. He's also authored:

  • The Tipping Point
  • Blink
  • What the Dog Saw and most recently
  • David and Goliath

*Whilst writing David and Goliath, Gladwell was rekindled his relationship with God.

You can learn about them and more at his website.

I consider reading this book an accomplishment because it's radically changed the way I view success and how it is achieved. It's broadened my appreciation for God and His infinite attention to detail, namely in the areas of 1) divine favour, 2) divine appointment, and 3) divine provision. Gladwell called it luck. I call it Providence, the very hand of God.

I now consider myself an outlier, and even more so, an outlier-in-the-making.

Order your copy of Outliers here. [Kindle I Paperback I Hardback]

5) Gained Vision for the Year.

Most importantly, I gained vision for 2014. And as with a telescope or even in the picture above, when you vision, the more you look, the clearer it becomes. You're able to focus. It's like waking up with your hazy sight, and then the more you lie in bed awake, the better your sight becomes.

I shared with you all the Word of the Lord or vision my pastor gave for 2014 and a corporate word is absolutely necessary. However, you need to have a word for YOUR life. It will likely reflect, at least in part, the corporate word. So here are some pointers about 2014 that stand out to me both corporately and personally:

  • This is the year to "recover all." (Read the full word here.)
  • This is the year to fight for what I want.
  • This is MY year. (Alignment)

With all of this in mind, what I've accomplished thus far and even more so, what I know I will accomplish, I can see that I'm well on my way too..

So what about YOU? What are some things you've accomplished thus far in 2014??

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