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You Can Murder Your Child, But You Can’t Make Medical Decisions For Her

As you probably may have gathered, I am an avowed fan of Matt Walsh and The Matt Walsh Blog. He tells the truth and let's the chips fall where they may, come hell, high-water, or liberals. You probably remember the most unpopular, yet powerful post on the suicide of Brittany Maynard and in keeping with that same spirit, here is an older posts of Matt's the examines our nation's forked tongue on the issues of death, suicide, parental responsibility, and an overall lack of the sanctity of life. Be transformed.

The Big 3: Jezebel’s Agenda & Defining Our Faith in the 21st Century

This month, we’ve been dealing with some hard issues that define our present faith. You may have read my recent review on Dr. Michael Brown’s new book Can You Be Gay and Christian? But LGBQT issues are not the only issues we have on our plate as the Body of Christ. Jesus is coming back for a Bride without spot and we will find ourselves everlastingly tainted if we do not deal with these “big three” issues in a godly manner: 1) abortion, 2) gay marriage, and 3) human/child/sex trafficking.