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Why Kim Clement Died

When I first heard the news about the passing of Prophet Kim Clement, I sitting at my laptop working. At 6:03am, I called into my prayerline and while looking at my phone, I noticed an email from the House of Destiny (Kim’s online church that I was a “member” of) sent at 5:53am entitled, “The Sad News of Kim’s Passing” and my face went dumb - I couldn’t process the words, and clicked the email thinking it was some sort of mistake. But it wasn’t.

#RoundTableChat | Prayer for America {Playback}

We’re so grateful to all of you who were able to join us in prayer last night! We had a powerful time! My sisters Jessica Baker, Jenae McFarland, Charity Porter, and Gospel singer and Glam Camp for Girls founder, Melinda Watts joined me for this “shut-in” and boy did we pray! To be honest, I’ve NEVER heard my sis Jenae pray like that and we’ve been praying together for a LONG time! We’re so grateful to all of you who joined us for the entire time or even for a moment. And if you missed the call, then you can listen now! We know that there is no distance or time in prayer.

Leviathan: The Twisting Spirit [VIDEOS]

Pastor Ron Phillips of the Abba's House Church in Hixson, TN is a living, breathing treasure trove of spiritual warfare wisdom! I'm so happy that my friend and mentor, Jennifer LeClaire, introduced me to his ministry! As promised, here is the start of his spiritual warfare series that deals with very specific spirits: who they are, how to identify them, and how to conquer them in Christ. And who more fitting to start with then the King of [the sons of] Pride, himself: Leviathan. If you ever wondered who this great, twisting serpent is or if you feel you've encountered this spirit before in your life or ministry, then this post is for you! Enjoy!

Possessing the Airwaves & Pissing Off Witches

When you have spirits that control the power of the air waves--and they possess that--they have territorial dominance because they have advantages in the air waves. So they are able to control traffic from this level. And the minute you start getting into the airwaves you are going to have trouble. So people that start a company that's dealing with telephones, or that's dealing with the airwaves in terms of radio, or television, or even the internet, you fight the kinds of battles that if you don't know what you're fighting you'll have problems because the airwaves is the way thoughts are transmitted. And the devil possesses the heavens so he can control the thoughts of men. So if you want to get into a business with telephones, walkie-talkies, internet, and all those things, it's not just about making money. You'd better know Who God is. Because you're going to fight battles that you think are unreasonable; they're not unreasonable. (Bishop Tudor Bismark, “Demonic Possession, Part II”)

Witches & Witch Church

You may be thinking a lot about witches right now. Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and all that jazz. I mean, Halloween is less than a week away.

Some of you may not believe in actual witches. (Even though they really do exist.)

Some of you may not believe in the power actual witches utilize. (Even though it’s very real.)

Some of you may believe that the power actual witches utilize can’t affect you because you’re a child of God. (In which case, you are more than likely very arrogantly, ignorantly wrong.)

And some of you may actually know the truth of these matters.