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The Law of Territorial Spirits

Recently, I was watching a teaching by John Paul Jackson. In it, he was breaking down how psychic healings actually operate. Here is the summation: Let’s say you have a problem with your foot. You go to the psychic healer (or witch doctor, or shaman, or New Age pastor, etc.) and they do their thing and the problem leaves your foot. You walk away thinking you’re healed when in actuality, you’ve traded a problem in your foot for a problem in your heart or your kidney or your spleen. You get the idea.

Satanism: Straight from the Horse's Mouth [WATCH]

With the advent of the Satanic statue that was erected in Detroit, MI (that was thankfully NOT erected in Oklahoma City, OK), let's have a chat about Satanism. What is it? Is it the loner teen who murders his parents in their sleep? Is it the cult leader, Charles Manson, who incites three young women to murder unsuspecting victims viciously in their home? In this interview from 1988, Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey's daughter, Zeena LaVey (now Zeena Schreck), along with Nikolas Schreck who, at least at the time of this interview, headed up the Werewolf Order.