Satanism: Straight from the Horse's Mouth [WATCH]

Satanism: Straight from the Horse's Mouth [WATCH]

The statue of Baphomet (representative of Satan, the Greek god, Pan, etc.) as seen in Detroit, Michigan. Baphomet is a symbol of Satanism.

Anton LaVey, the Founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible.

With the advent of the Satanic statue that was erected in Detroit, MI (that was thankfully NOT erected in Oklahoma City, OK), let's have a chat about Satanism. What is it? Is it the loner teen who murders his parents in their sleep? Is it the cult leader, Charles Manson, who incites three young women to murder unsuspecting victims viciously in their home? In this interview from 1988, Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey's daughter, Zeena LaVey (now Zeena Schreck), along with Nikolas Schreck who, at least at the time of this interview, headed up the Werewolf Order.


Anton LaVey and his new religion attracted many of the rich and famous, especially those in Hollywood such as Jayne Mansfield pictured above. You might not recognize Mansfield, but I bet you recognize her daughter...

Mariska Hargitay, the star of Law & Order: SVU (Special Victim's Unit) is the daughter and spitting image of her mother and famed Satanist, Jayne Mansfield..

DISCLAIMER #1: I do NOT support nor recommend the "ministry" of Bob Larsen. Neither am I particularly fond of his way of conducting the interview. I share this interview so you can hear "straight from the horse's mouth" the diabolical nature and intent of Satanism. 

DISCLAIMER #2: I do NOT support nor recommend any "ministry" like Bob Larsen's because we are not to make full ministries and careers based on casting out demons alone. Jesus demonstrated a wholistic ministry (i.e. preaching, healing, giving, delivering, and more) and since He is our role model, we should strive to be like Him--NOT creating platforms for demons to show off and show out and display carelessness for the people in the throws of demonization. That is NOT compassion--the spirit in which Jesus operated. It is pure and simple showmanship, boosting ratings, and glorifying the devil.

I will absolutely be doing a post on balance in spiritual warfare in the very near future. 

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See Also: "A Showdown with Satanism" (1997)

Like witchcraft/Wicca, like Druidry (Celtic paganism) and Asatru (Norse paganism), like New Age, all Occultic practices can be and are defined in specific as well as loose terms but one thing I've noticed when learning about every branch: those who believe in this darkness with their whole heart--whether they believe it to be light/white or pure evil--buy into the deception that they are different from those who do not believe as wholly. The less dedicated witch is worse of than the more dedicated witch. Not true. A witch is a witch is a witch. Witchcraft is witchcraft. Sin is sin. And unrepentant sin, whether a single white lie or the massacre of an entire people group, is equally qualifying for an entrance fee to Hell. God would that NONE perish, yet sin cannot abide in His holy presence. He is holy and demands us to be holy as He is holy. It's a non-negotiable. 

Honestly, the utter deception of this "Satanic First Family" is very sad. Satan shares his power with no one. He didn't want to share it with God. He doesn't want to share it with his other fallen fellas. So the fact that they believe "[they] control their spiritual beings" is very sad indeed. For in the end, if they do not truthfully repent, they will find those same "daemons" they believe they control very literally coming to collect their souls and dragging them to Hell. God help them.  

For more on witchcraft, see here.


While researching and listening to all of this, it's so easy to become angered, overwhelmed, feel straight up "icky," and or a host of other emotions that are completely natural. Therefore, I think it appropriate to end on a note of worship. We who belong to God Almighty know that the battle is already won. Satan and his agents of darkness are indeed powerful, but there is no power greater than that of Jesus Christ! And we, children of the Most High, are seated in heavenly places, not with Christ, but in Christ and we war from a position of authority and victory! The God Who indwells us is so very much greater than he who simply prowls about like a roaring lion. Christ very literally IS the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He is on our side! We are on the winning side! So join with me in worship and wash off all of the negativity and enter into worship with the angels! We war best when we worship! 

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