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Janis Hutchinson: Escape from Fundamental Mormonism

I’d like you all to meet Janis Hutchinson: blogger, author, and former Mormon. Janis hails from Southern California (like me!) and comes out of the mainstream LDS Church as well as a branch of fundamentalist Mormonism. Janis has kindly agreed to share her diverse experience in the Mormon Church with us to show was what the deal really is. You can read Janis’ full, harrowing tale of escape here and also check out her blog and books. And feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a wealth of information. Be sure to stay tuned for Part II which will be posted in a couple days! Enjoy!

Pride and Prejudice: Racism in the Mormon Church

The following is an excerpt from a wonderful book: Cults, New Religious Movements, and Your Family: A Guide to Ten Non-Christian Groups Out to Convert Your Loved Ones. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do! As part of our Cults & Deliverance Series, we’re uncovering the truth about Mormonism, better known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). This is a section from the book, “Pride and Prejudice” which deals with the history of racism in the Mormon Church (Chapter Nine: Mormonism Through the Looking Glass pg. 205). And while many LDS believers will ALWAYS disagree with what people like me who have never been Mormon (and don’t desire to be!) as well as those who have left the Mormon Church, they never seem to be able to refute the words of their founders and (false) prophets. This excerpt contains several of those irrefutable quotations from Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Joseph Fielding Smith, and others. So without further ado, here is “Pride and Prejudice.” 

13 Shocking Similarities between Islam and Mormonism

You may have heard me say this before, but for the benefit of this post, I’ll say it again: there are some SHOCKING similarities between Islam and Mormonism. And apparently, I’m not the first one to come to this conclusion. Kinda makes you wonder where the (false) prophet, Joseph Smith, REALLY got his stuff from huh? But let’s just jump straight to the truth about these two great deceptions that are Islam and Mormonism. Diving in.

Cults & Deliverance: The Truth about Mormonism

Polygamy. Polyandry. Religious works. Secret rituals. Blood atonement (and we ain't talkin' about Jesus or no animals!!). What's Mormonism a.k.a. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really about? Take a listen to these videos and you will learn from insiders, from LDS documents and products themselves, what this "Church of 'Jesus Christ'" is truly about. 

Salvation is a FREE GIFT: An Ex-Mormon Missionary's Testimony of Freedom

This is the testimony of former Mormon elder, Todd K. Olson. After years steeped in learning and propagating the Mormon (LDS) religion, he has since turned to Christ and has since been styling to become a Christian minister. In his own words: "Make no mistake about this. Mormonism is a cult." I have several dear Mormon friends. Friends that I met through choir in high school in California. They are some of the kindest, sweetest, dearest people I've ever met in my life. But they are deceived. Perhaps you think me unkind to state that. Undoubtedly, feelings are hurt when I say things like that. That is not my intention. But in the words of my spiritual father, "I'd rather you be offended, then you go to Hell!" I pray these will plant seeds that grow bountifully in the hearts of my Mormon friends and acquaintances and also that other Christians may learn the truth of this Christians counterfeit so they do not fall prey to it themselves and also so they can share the truth and love of God with another.