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#RoundTableChat | Janis Hutchinson Talks Mormonism & the Queen of Heaven [LISTEN]

We had a great time at this week’s #RoundTableChat with Janis Hutchinson! We did discuss the Mormon version the Queen of Heaven principality, yet we also discussed Joseph Smith - his nature and character - as well as Mormonism in general. (If you missed my first interview with Janis, you can catch it here and here.)

You may listen to the interview below or download it here

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • What the Mormon concept of a queen or mother in heaven is
  • How Mormons justify a God and Goddess in Heaven
  • Who came first: the good Mormons or the God in the Celestial Heaven?
  • The LDS Queen of Heaven’s connection with the biblical Asherah
  • The snare of idolatry in the Old Testament
  • Joseph Smith’s past as a treasure hunter and divine
  • Joseph Smith’s visions of “God” and Moroni
  • The birth of Mormonism
  • Comparisons between Mormonism and Islam
  • The Book of Mormon and other LDS documents vs. the Bible
  • The importance of knowing the Bible for yourself
  • The importance of having a true testimony of and defense for your faith
  • And much more!

Let me know what you think of this #RoundTableChat below and tell me who you’d love to see me interview in the future!

And if you’d like to contact Janis, please visit her website and follow her on Twitter!