The Day I Got Punished for Not Wanting a Lesbian Roommate

The Day I Got Punished for Not Wanting a Lesbian Roommate

In high school, I was a HUGE choir nerd and proud of it! And we were actually pretty darn good back in our day. So good, in fact, that Grammy award-winning composer, Eric Whitacre, was adjudicating one of our performances at the Chapman [University] Music Competition, and when it came time for him to give his remarks, he invited us to be part of his opera chorus--in Berlin, Germany! We went on many such trips, mostly stateside, in California and nearby areas, but on one such trip, my Freshman year, our destination was San Francisco.

As with most trips, our room arrangements were decided before we actually went on the trip. There were four girls in our little group--Megan, Danielle, Rachel, and me--but Rachel was in a separate, all girls choir, and so she did not join us on the trip. That brought our number down to three, but we were still very happy to go on the trip and room together! That was, until our teacher changed our rooming arrangements. He told us a young lady, we’ll call her Jane, was going to be rooming with us.

Jane was a lesbian.

And Jane had hit on me before.

There was no way on God’s green earth I was going to room with her! If I wouldn’t be allowed to room with guys (which I was obviously NOT trying to do, but you see my point), then why should I be forced to room with a lesbian who--like guys--was attracted to girls?

Now I didn’t hate Jane. She was a very intellectual, kind girl. The type you’d probably want on your English or History group project. But she was still a lesbian and we’d still have to share a room together if plans didn’t change.

So me, being the unafraid, unashamed vocalist--twice over--that I am, marched right up to my teacher and told him that since Jane was a lesbian, there was no way I’d be rooming with her. It wasn’t appropriate. Did she have a right to be a lesbian? Sure. But I also had the right to not be forced to room with one. And guess how he responded?

Me and my rights got stuck, away from my friends, in a room of sorta weird, kinda creepy misfits that I also didn’t want to room with.


I still believe to this day, had my friends voiced their shared disagreement about rooming with a lesbian to our choir director, I wouldn’t have had to be put in that uncomfortable, lonely position.

But they didn’t.

And really, that’s the society we’re living in today. The people who stand up for right, whether it’s for themself or for someone else, get punished.

NOT the people who are in the wrong.

Just like the woman who complained to Planet Fitness about a transgendered man being in the women’s locker room.

She got banned from the gym. It didn’t matter that all of the other women she spoke to in the locker room were horrified as well, it just mattered that she spoke up so she got punished.

What happened to me was 15 years ago. (Gosh I feel old!) That kind of thing wasn’t half as “normal” or frequent as it is now. Just last week, Charlotte was up in arms over discussions of allowing transgendered individuals into bathrooms to which their biological sex--the only kind of gender assignment there is--does NOT assign them. And you hear similar battles taking place in cities and states around the nation.


This is complete and utter perversion!

What possible sense does it make for a VERY TINY MINORITY of spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and sexually disturbed individuals to displace the rights to safety, comfort, and common sense possessed by the vast majority?


And frankly, even if the 99.999% woke up tomorrow and said, “Hey! Men and use women’s bathrooms and women can use men’s bathrooms! We don’t care and we’re not creeped out about it anymore!” It would still be spiritually and morally wrong.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

And might I add, there are only two genders. No more, no less. And you cannot pick and choose based on any feeling, no matter how strong, which gender you belong to. God assigned your gender before you conception, before you opened your mother’s womb.

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Allow me to point you to common sense.

If a man who “sincerely” feels he is a woman is given the green light to use personal facilities built and fashioned for women, what is to stop any pervert, voyeur, and rapist from doing the same? All he has to do is say, “I believe in my heart of hearts that I’m a woman!” and they’ll let him into the bathroom or locker room where women dress and undress, relieve themselves, shower, and so forth.

Where is the dignity in that?

How do you explain to your little girl why a grown man with obvious equipment hanging between his legs is using women’s facilities? Do you tell her it’s because he believes in his heart of hearts that he is a woman so he is entitled to it?

We’re not even thinking about the innocent children who will undoubtedly be involved in and scarred by this scenario.

One of my best friends is the mother of five children, four of which are too young for K-12 school and thus, accompany her to the gym every morning. What happens if a man happens into the bathroom or women’s gym when she’s in there with her little girls?

Or what happens if her husband joins them at the gym on the weekend and a woman “happens” into the men’s bathroom or locker room and starts undressing in front of him--a married man--and his little boys?

Or what about if a little girl, adolescent girl, teen girl, or even grown woman runs into the bathroom locker room to pee or change real quick a man, who told the gym employees he identifies as a woman--but lied--is lying in wait for any unsuspecting woman to molest or rape? What apology will the gym offer the molested woman then?

Sorry, even though we could clearly see that he was a man, he told us he was a woman so we shouldn’t be held responsible for what happened to you.

Or what if a lesbian woman who happens to be a pedophile as well saunters into the men’s locker room, find a boy temporarily left by himself, and decides to molest or rape him?

Or let’s turn the tables a bit.

What happens if some very straight men, understandably upset at the thought of a transgender “man” using their bathroom, get un-understandably upset and decided to beat her down or rape her? What happens then?

Oh, of course, the men would be punished and go to jail--because they committed a hate crime against a transgender individual. But where is the responsibility of the gym for allowing the biological woman identifying as a man to enter the men’s locker room?

Seriously, this line of reasoning makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

My story may have been PG compared to the scenarios I’ve painted for you. Sure, a transgender individual may be a kind, gentle individual who’s just confused about their sexuality. But the truth of the matter is that when we allow these kinds of senseless policies, we open Pandora’s Box. And there ain’t no hope fluttering out of this one! Only more sickness and more perversion.

Edmund Burke spoke truthfully when he said

My friends were not pot-stirrers. They did not like to rock the boat. Perhaps that was because one was Catholic--and to my knowledge did not have a personal relationship with God and the other was Mormon. Perhaps it was because of their innate, kind, sweet nature. I don’t know. But this isn’t about going around causing trouble where there is none. Neither is it about having zeal and lacking wisdom. Quite the opposite. And really, it isn’t even about how we feel.

I’m positive Rosa Parks didn’t feel like making a political statement on behalf of ethnically minority peoples across America.

I’m positive Bishop Charles E. Mason didn’t set out to found the largest black protestant denomination in the world when he got the Holy Ghost at the Azusa Street Revival and started speaking in tongues.

I’m positive none of the apostles wanted to be thrown in jail and executed for turning the world “upside down.”

And I am truly positive Jesus didn’t want to be illegally arrested and tried, beaten, carted all over Judea, ridiculed, scourged, and crucified for our sins.

But guess what? All of these individuals did what they HAD to do because it was the right thing to do! And the waves caused by their actions are still rippling today.

When good men are silent, the world goes to Hell in a hand-basket. So the question is, will you be silent or will you speak up for right and do right in the midst of adversity? Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren’s America will depend on what you do--or don’t do--today.

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