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Preachers of L.A., Episode 2: Godly Confrontation, Part II

In Part I of my Preacher’s of L.A.’s Episode Two commentary, we addressed the concept of godly confrontation from a biblical standpoint. My summation was the Bishop Ron and First Lady LaVette Gibson did attempt to employ Jesus’ method of conflict resolution, yet were hampered by the lack of accountability and honesty identified in Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta Jones’ relationship. In this piece, we’ll dig a little deeper into the volatile dinner date and further expound on godly confrontation.

In Part I, I stated, that Bishop Jones’ “obvious lack of confrontation” was “a recipe for disaster.” Some might say, “Well what’s wrong with this arrangement? If they’re comfortable with it, then why should we care?” Great question!

In the Bible, there is an example of another couple where the man allowed his woman to fight his battles for him. His name was Ahab and his wife’s name was Jezebel. Long story short, Ahab saw a vineyard he wanted, Naboth wouldn’t sell it to him, Ahab threw a hissy fit, and his wife said, “I got this boo,” and had Naboth discredit and stoned to death. (See I Kings 21:1-16 for the full story.)

Now there are some obvious differences between Mr. and Mrs. Jezebel and the Joneses. Primarily being:

  1. Bishop Jones and Loretta aren’t married.
  2. Bishop Jones sent Loretta to fight their battle; Jezebel volunteered.
  3. Bishop Jones wants to do ministry, Ahab just wanted some more land.
  4. Loretta is not a Jezebel whereas Jezebel was the very embodiment of Jezebel–literally! Which leads me to my next point…

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