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Preachers of L.A., Episode 2: Godly Confrontation, Part I

Wooh! Can you feel the heat in the room? Can you cut the tension in the air with a knife after watching this week’s episode of Preachers of L.A., “Truth Be Told”? The confrontation that defined this episode transpired between Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife, LaVette, and Bishop Noel Jones and his “friend,” Loretta.

As you’ll remember from last week, when the fellas met at Bishop Jones’ home to discuss his proposal for a city-wide outreach event, Bishop Ron shared his feelings of discomfort with the Noel Jones and Loretta’s relationship. The discomfort had to do with:

  • The tenure of the relationship: 16 YEARS.
  • The nature of the relationship. Is there some sort of indiscretion present?
  • The effect of the relationship on “gangsta”-bishop’s ministerial reputation.

Understandably, Bishop Ron, not unlike Pastor Jay Haizlip, did not want to put his and his wife’s reputation at risk if there were some sexual indiscretions in the mix. They didn’t want to “co-sign” on that.

In this episode, Bishop Ron arranged a double-date with Bishop Noel. Seems like a nice enough idea. Only the meeting basically fell flat on its face. “Lady” Loretta took on Bishop Gibson in the boxing ring and there were no clear winners. In the scene between Noel Jones and Loretta preceding the date, we learned that Loretta typically goes to battle for Noel Jones and thus, on this particular occassion, he sicked his lady friend on Ron Gibson. This exposes an obvious lack of confrontation in Bishop Jones’ personality that is a recipe for disaster. But I’ll address that matter in a separate post…

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