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Duck Dynasty: A Legacy of Faith

The Duck Dynasty Patriarch: Founder, Phil Robertson

I was NOT the most likely candidate to be the newest, biggest fan of Duck Dynasty. I haven't worn camo since it went out of fashion eons ago, I don't hunt, don't catch frogs, don't eat squirrel brains, and certainly have never shot a gun (although a thoroughly look forward to doing so--legally!--one day!). Yet I was drawn in by the godly stances of the Duck Dynasty crew. They stand against abortion, against gay marriage. And in an age of compromise and moral relativity over the Truth of God's Word, we need this kind of steadfast faith.

We look at the laughs, camo, food, and duck calls, but we don't see the past; the process, and the overall testimony of how Phil Robertson became not just the entrepreneurial patriarch, but the spiritual patriarch of the coming generations.

So today, I'd like to share with you a 30-minute film I stumbled over entitled: I Am Second: The Robertsons.


The Duck Commanders: Jase, Si, Willie & Phil Robertson

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