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Let’s Cut to the Chase Shall We?

My name is Desiree M. Mondesir and I undoubtedly, unequivocally, and passionately love God.

These days from Oprah to Michael Hyatt to Marie Forleo to Tony Robbins, spirituality is blatantly laced through the inner-workings of the said moguls’ wisdom, advice, and overall content. Accordingly, God and His Word--as written, not as progressively interpreted--has been, is, and always will be the core of everything I ever do. I may not always say His name, but it will be implicated. So with that in mind, if you don’t love God (or don’t want to), I’ll just cut straight to the chase and tell you that you probably won’t enjoy my blog. Although you may enjoy the services my businesses provide. (See below).

“Why would you make such a bold statement and run the possibility of running off potential subscribers??” you might ask. Well, why beat around the bush?? Your time is precious as is mine. I want your time on this site to be spent gaining value, not being told what I think you may possibly almost kind of want to hear. And certainly not providing you with useless information.

Now That That’s Out of the Way…

I’m D-E-L-I-G-H-T-E-D that you’ve visited my site and read this far! As aforementioned, I am here to add value to you. I want you to not only feel better, but be better because you visited this site.

So Here’s What You’ll Get from Me…


The Bible is a manual, a map, and a tool to not only show you where you should personally go in life, but teach you how to get there. Consider me a friend, also on this journey with you, happily sharing everything our shared Guide, the Holy Spirit, has taught me with you to, hopefully, make your trip at least a bit more smooth than mine was before our paths crossed. In this spirit, I’ll be sharing a wealth of wisdom in my teaching-based blogposts.


This is another area, tempered by the first, in which I’ll share my wisdom and tricks of the trade so to speak. I love writing and entrepreneurship and want to help you to be successful in any way I can! As an author, columnist, blogger, editor, and entrepreneur, I’m excited about using my experiences and knowledge to help you grow!


I do not consider myself a life coach by any stretch of the imagination. (They’re a dime a dozen anyway, no offense intended.) However, I do have a vast imagination full of creative ideas I know are not just meant for me. Whether it’s regarding:

  • Blogging/Writing/Editing
  • Books
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry or
  • Weddings

You can bet that I’ll make my varied experience and education, formal and informal, absolutely available to you!

This will be made available primarily in three ways:

  1. BLOGPOSTS. Blogposts are like salvation--I paid the price for them, but am making the content therein free and available to you. No strings attached. Feel free to read, re-read, share, tweet, and pin these to your heart’s content!
  2. CONSULTATIONS. This is where you and I join forces to invest in making your blog, book, brand, business, or ministry, better. I’m happy to provide you with a consultation (or consultations) to coach you in anyway I can. Blogposts are great, but they don’t touch an inspired tête-à-tête.
  3. CREATIVE WRITING & EDITING SERVICES. Should you have any needs along these lines from a simple bio to a manuscript rewrite, inquire within. If I feel your project and my expertise are a good fit, than we can move forward!

Help Navigating...

The Home Page of my site is m blog. However, if you click the "Blog" Page link, you'll find my previous and present blogging outlets. 


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THE BEST Way for Me to Help YOU!

The absolute best way I can help you is by being in consistent constant with you. Now, don’t worry, I’m not talking about blasting and abusing your inbox, but I would like to keep in touch, keep you in the loop.

I typically send out an infrequent  eBlast (bar special events and exciting announcements). If you’d like to join my happy, growing tribe, then all you have to do is add your email below!

I can’t wait to chat with YOU!