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10 Reasons Why I Refuse to Celebrate May Day

As a little girl in Des Moines, IA (my birthplace), on May 1st, we would leave little May Day baskets full of popcorn-M&M, etc. mixtures on our neighbor’s doorstep. We’d ring the bell, and then run off and hide, waiting for them to answer the door and discover their treat. My neighbors, the Mahnkees--the salt-of-the-earth, playmates, Narnian Chronicle-watching-and-reading dears we actually “borrowed” sugar and eggs from once upon a time--would leave May Day baskets on our doorstep too. Seems pretty innocent right? Fun times for the kids right? Wrong. Well, it is fun for the kids and maybe even for the adults. But God doesn't think so. So with that said, here are 10 reasons why I refuse to celebrate May Day. Enjoy!