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Why Kim Clement Died

When I first heard the news about the passing of Prophet Kim Clement, I sitting at my laptop working. At 6:03am, I called into my prayerline and while looking at my phone, I noticed an email from the House of Destiny (Kim’s online church that I was a “member” of) sent at 5:53am entitled, “The Sad News of Kim’s Passing” and my face went dumb - I couldn’t process the words, and clicked the email thinking it was some sort of mistake. But it wasn’t.

When Dreams Get Stuck in Satan’s Heaven

So I had this dream last night...

I don't remember much about it, but I do remember Will Smith being there and we were talking. He said something that reverberated long after I woke up: 

"Don't tell your dreams to everyone. If you do, they'll never make it to the Third Heaven. They'll be stuck in the Second Heaven."