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Janis Hutchinson: Escape from Fundamental Mormonism

I’d like you all to meet Janis Hutchinson: blogger, author, and former Mormon. Janis hails from Southern California (like me!) and comes out of the mainstream LDS Church as well as a branch of fundamentalist Mormonism. Janis has kindly agreed to share her diverse experience in the Mormon Church with us to show was what the deal really is. You can read Janis’ full, harrowing tale of escape here and also check out her blog and books. And feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a wealth of information. Be sure to stay tuned for Part II which will be posted in a couple days! Enjoy!

13 Shocking Similarities between Islam and Mormonism

You may have heard me say this before, but for the benefit of this post, I’ll say it again: there are some SHOCKING similarities between Islam and Mormonism. And apparently, I’m not the first one to come to this conclusion. Kinda makes you wonder where the (false) prophet, Joseph Smith, REALLY got his stuff from huh? But let’s just jump straight to the truth about these two great deceptions that are Islam and Mormonism. Diving in.