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The Grace to be the First

Yesterday was the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America: Donald J. Trump. Now he and Melania Trump are stepping into roles that they have never occupied before and I pray they will do the office dignity, if not for themselves, then for the legacy of America. And at the same time, we see the former POTUS and FLOTUS of the past eight years, Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Obama, exit the roles they have occupied for the past two terms. I have mixed feelings about this.

DWBs: Driving While Black

I am the furthest thing from a race-baiter. In fact, some more uninformed individuals might even accuse me of being the opposite. Others have stated that I am “unbalanced.” Here’s the deal. I say exactly what I feel needs to be said, to who I feel it needs to be said, in the way I feel it needs to be said, when I feel led to say it. Sometimes that leading is of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes that leading is from my own (informed) feelings. And sometimes, just sometimes, that leading is from my flesh. *cringe* But I always try to keep my “rants” Jesus-centered.